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Ben Folds and Nick Hornby introduce Lonely Avenue

American singer/songwriter Ben Folds and English novelist Nick Honby have collaborated together on an album entitled Lonely Avenue. Hornby wrote the lyrics, Folds wrote and recorded the music which features string arrangements by one of the most influential pop string arrangers of all time, Paul Buckmaster.

According to Nonesuch “The idea to create an album of Folds’ unique pop songwriting sensibilities with Hornby’s insightful prose was conceived during a dinner conversation between the two friends one night in 2009.”

On composing the music Folds recently told Paste: “I kind of ran the gamut between being as simple as I’ve ever been, and sometimes having to go [Russian composer Dmitri] Shostakovich on some of them.” Hornby says of the pairing: “At this stage in my career, I want to collaborate with all the talented people I can find, and I’ve always been a big fan of Ben Folds’ music. It’s been a real privilege to watch and listen to Ben at work, and I’ve learned a lot about how proper songwriters like Ben think.”

You can download the first track of the record here.

Below is some VT of Ben and Nick speaking about the new album – coming on Sept 24th.

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