by / February 3rd, 2010 /

Black Grape return

After a 12 year gap, Shaun Ryder has announced that Black Grape are to reform. Ryder started the group after the demise of the Happy Mondays in 1993, with their first album It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah achieving instant commercial and critical success. The follow-up, Stupid Stupid Stupid, was not as well received and the group disbanded in 1998 when Ryder fired the other members.

The new incarnation of Black Grape are scheduled to make their first apperance on April 1st at London’s Coronet Theatre. The line-up will consist of Ryder, Danny Saber and Kermit but it appears that Bez, Jed Lynch and Psycho will not be involved.

  • This is hardly warranted or needed is it?

    Although I have to say the festival appearances of the reformed Happy Mondays were good fun if nothing else.

  • conor mccaffrey

    A write-off of epic proportions. At least the NME will get some good quotes in the inevitable braindead drinking session ‘interview’ in Salford with Ryder. Poor fucker.

  • ChrisMcw

    Hmmmm has car crash written all over it. Though that first album is a thing of brilliance but never gets the kudos it deserves..

  • Patrick Conboy

    Ah guys, you’ve got to love it… if nothing else we’ll get to see Ryder mumbling incoherantly about it on TV (remember that interview on Pop On 3)! 😉

  • mike

    hardly wanted or needed, gwan nev ya snob. ye of little faith… it’ll be craic anyways