by / May 2nd, 2008 /

Brasilintime tonight

Tonight sees the anticipated performance of the Brasilintime Live Show in the Tivoli with Tony Allen, Madlib, Mamao, J.Rocc, Joao Parahyba, DJ Nuts and B+. The show is brought to you by Choice Cuts.

Taking place in The Tivoli Theatre, Francis Street, Dublin 8 It runs from Doors 8pm – 3am with an admission of €25.

The showcase setup consists of the following:

2 drummers set up together (Mamao (Azymuth) and Tony Allen). In between the 2 drumkits is a full percussion set up for Comanche (Joao Parahyba). 2 DJs (JRocc & DJ Nuts) will be scratching over the drummers. Madlib will be providing effects/samplers/DJing intermittently. B+ & Coleman are also going to be spinning tunes.

Here’s the show in Germany with Can! drummer Jaki Liebezeit to give you an idea:

  • arrrggggghhhhhh!
    your killin’ me Niall.

    have fun.