by / January 6th, 2011 /

Bright Eyes release free track from upcoming album The People’s Key

Conor Oberst has returned to Bright Eyes by giving away a free track ‘Shell Games’ and announcing a new album The People’s Key to be released on February 11th.

The People’s Key was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at the band’s own ARC Studios and was produced by band member Mike Mogis and engineered by Andy LeMaster. NPR have a preview. Pre-order the album here.


  1. Firewall
  2. Shell Games
  3. Jejune Stars
  4. Approximate Sunlight
  5. Haile Selassie
  6. A Machine Spiritual (In The People’s Key)
  7. Triple Spiral
  8. Beginner’s Mind
  9. Ladder Song
  10. One For You, One For Me