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Buck 65 returns to Dublin

The last time Buck 65 was here, he played the grotty basement venue The Hub before it became its swish older sibling The Think Tank. This time around, it’s a show downstairs in The Academy, another dark place known as Academy 2. It takes place on Thursday 27th April and tickets priced €17.50 incl. booking fee and are on sale from Wednesday 4 March at all usual Ticketmaster outlets.

His latest release is the internet-only Dirtbike which is three and a half hours of unreleased Buck 65 music featuring collaborations with some of the best talent in underground music.

I set out a task for myself, to put together three huge albums worth of music in three months – what I’ve been calling the ‘Dirtbike’ project. I managed to write and record approximately 70 songs. The three “albums” are each around an hour in length.

I think of Dirtbike 1-3 as a woodshed demo project. But I’ve wanted to share this work with anyone who was interested in hearing it. They’ve floated around a bit here and there, but now I would like to share them directly with you.

These ‘albums’ aren’t for sale and never will be. Never-ever. It was just really important for me at this point in my career to act creatively without any consideration for money or press or anything other than art. I guess it could be said that this is just something I had to do for myself.

Finally, these recordings were made at home with crappy gear and were mixed in headphones that are 15 years old and were never very good in the first place. So they are pretty lo-fi. So for the few of you who will hear them, they’re best heard in headphones.

Grab Dirtbike Parts 1-3 here.

  • Mart

    this is why buck 65 is one of the greats in this day and age; he put out 3 albums – for download – because he ‘had to do this’ for himself. It’s a bit of a hefty listen, kind of reminds of his earlier ep ‘square’, which is mentioned in one of the dirtbikes…it’s gonna be a chore to listen to but since had the heart to put it out, I’ll have the heart to listen to it all.