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CANCELLED: Prince in Croke Park


The Prince concert due to take place next Monday has been cancelled and full ticket refunds including booking free are available from point of purchase. Looks like Jim was on the money with the cancellation though the following statement clears up the low ticket sales theory.

It is with great disappointment that the PRINCE concert scheduled to take place at Croke Park next Monday 16th June 2008 will no longer be taking place due to reasons beyond the control of PRINCE and MCD Productions.

While plans are underway to try and reschedule the concert for 2009, no details are confirmed at this stage thus ticket holders can obtain a full ticket refund including booking fee from their Ticketmaster point of purchase from 09.00 hrs Friday 13th June 2008.

MCD & PRINCE wish to apologise for the inconvenience caused to the 55,161 patrons who purchased tickets, to Croke Park, their customers and all the individuals who have worked tirelessly to bring the show to Dublin.

  • Katrina Doran

    I am soo devastated.

  • Andi

    Im absolutely devastated….. so upset.

  • Ed

    The little Purple B%£tard!!!! What a let down!

  • Killian

    It’s not Prince’s fault. I’ve heard those bureaucratic f*ckers at Dublin City Council wouldn’t grant the licence. They’re probably all Celine Dion fans. WA*KERS

  • Katrina Doran

    Thats bullshit – the license was granted and in the bag. It so obviously about money – Croke park has a max of 82k and 55+K were sold thats still a serious shortfall – someone was loosing money thats why it was pulled. No other reason. Like is 55thousand people not enough?!! Honestly I have felt angry, sad, devastated now I just feel numb. gutted ;(

  • Killian

    If that’s the case, then where do we go from here? Boycott Prince and/or MCD? 55,000 tickets at say an average of 80 euro a ticket = 4.4 million euro. That’s serious cash for one night. If it was just about money for Prince he would have played a series of gigs, similar to London, as he would stand to benefit a lot more financially. Somebody needs to stand up and be held accountable as they’ve just f*cked up my Summer. I’ve never been so down.

  • Al

    The ticket sale shortage is the obvious factor involved here, although it is validly raised above that is 55,000 people not enough??

    This is a huge let down as I was looking forward to seeing him in the flesh for the first time, but here’s the thing folks:

    I was at Radiohead on Saturday night which was sold out, the friday night did not sell out, but is it just me or is there a growing trend of slow shifting of tickets for major events of late in this country? Oxygen was a slow burner (comparatively) this year, Tickets are still available for a lot of major shows and have been for a while.

    Yes we are spoiled for choice of shows on this Island as a nation renowned for excellent audiences, however, due to the ever spiraling costs of attending gigs (pure promoter/artist profit motive)this is a trend that is likely to be continued I’m afraid.

  • paul

    Hey why not use your refund to go see the other “Prince” the nite before in Vicar St….only €30 a ticket.

  • Phil

    I have to say this is an odd one alright. Clarkie from HP did his best to clarify the situation on The Last Word last night and his point was that, with the staging configuration, the capacity was something like 65,000 and that a nice evening would have probably given this a walk up that would have sold it out. The problem seems to lie more at the Prince end. If you have a look at the fan site most of the comments agree with that point of view, and these are hardcore Prince fans.

    Al – I had this debate with the woman from the Sunday Times the other day. The truth is not every show everywhere is always going to sell out. The problem is that when they do we get fed the high profile stories to increase the hype so that’s what we’ve come to expect. I agree that there are other factors involved (and don’t underestimate the weather factor) but also a sense of perspective is called for. Anyway, we’ll be looking at all of this in our summer music podcast this week.