by / February 23rd, 2011 /

Captain Moonlight invents election candidate – Mick ‘The Biz’ Guinness

Kilkenny’s Captain Moonlight who is well-known for political commentary in the past with songs like ‘Dirty C**ts’ and ‘Party People’ is at it again with the invention of an election candidate called Mick ‘The Biz’ Guinness.

Mick ‘The Biz’ Guinness is a caricature of “the typical centre right, corrupt, gombeen Irish politician and represents the ‘Fine Fail’ party. He proposes budgetary reform measures such as a reduction in minimum wage, public service cuts, income tax hikes, increases in VAT and a programme of socially enforced emigration.”

“I’ll promise nothing, I’ll deliver nothing, you’ll get nothing, and when future generations ask you what went wrong, you’ll be able to look them dead in the eye and say……….. Nothing.”

Here’s the song ‘Banana Republican’: