by / September 16th, 2008 /

Chemical Brothers to produce MGMT’s next album?

Since The Chemical Brothers contacted MGMT after hearing their Oracular Spectacular album, the two acts have been talking to each other enthusiastically about future plans. It has emerged that the two are planning on working together on MGMT’s next record which may turn out to be a double album with one album of pop and one album of psychedelia.

“We’ll experiment with them to create a different sound,” MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden told NME. “It won’t be dance music. We thought we’d go for the cliched, overly ambitious sophomore album”.

According to their Myspace blog – MGMT have dismissed this as internet rumour –

“Also, contrary to another internet rumor, though they be rad dudes, the Chemical Brothers will not be producing MGMT’s next album.”

Makes sense really, I’d say they have earmarked Dave Fridmann for the next one.

  • I am also working on their new album. the psychedelic side though….