by / May 1st, 2010 /

Christina Aguilera’s ‘Not Herself Tonight’

Christina Aguilera’s return is defined not with a iamamiwhoami style leftfield turn but by an established pop star who doesn’t seem to know who she wants to be anymore.

Instead, she seemingly has followed the high-heeled latex footsteps of the Gaga juggernaut with this new song ‘Not Myself Tonight’ (a ‘Pokerface’-lite affair) which bares all the hallmarks of a Gaga-style video. Throw in some Madonna references and a video directed by Hype Williams and you’ve got a former pop star attempting to catch up with the new guard, and honestly, failing.

Pop stars, you don’t have to dress up in kinky fetish gear to make good pop songs and plus, at the moment, you cannot compete with Lady Gaga.

  • Ali

    This music video is oversexualized its disgusting and trashy.She doesnt need to go this far to sell her records.This is not music the real music is about feelings and emotions.Beyond words disgusting!

  • Whatever about the video, that is one awful pop song.