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Comedy line-up for Electric Picnic announced


The comedy tent line-up for Electric Picnic has been announced and includes the usual list of suspects if ya ask us. Still always worth a gander.

Friday 29th August
MC: Des Bishop
Carol Tobin
Colm O’Regan
Aidan Bishop
Ian Coppinger
Damien Clark
Andrew Stanley
Andrew Maxwell
David O’Doherty

Saturday 30th August
MCs: Aidan Bishop & Barry Murphy
John Colleary
John Lynn
Gerry Mallon
Colum McDonnell
Jarleth Regan
John Bishop
Kevin Gildea
Bernard O’Shea
David McSavage
Adam Hills
Des Bishop

Sunday 31st August
MCs: Des Bishop & Aidan Bishop
Eleanor Tiernan
Willa White
Tommy Nicholson
Eric Lalor
Paddy Courtney
Maeve Higgins
Karl Spain
Colin Murphy
PJ Gallagher
Joe Rooney
Jason Byrne

  • Same old same old.

    *sighs protractedly*

    Although Jarlath Regan and David O’Doherty have got the skills to pay the bills. Shame Barry Murphy isn’t actually doing a set.

    McSavage getting beaten to a pulp should be a thoroughly depressing spectacle.

  • colin

    Jason Byrne was amazing last year and will definitely go to him this year again. Meh to the rest and and extra double “meh!” for Eleanor Tiernan.

  • paula

    not a brilliant line-up this year.. Dave McSavage needs stringing up by the balls and beating with large sticks.
    Will probably only bother seeing Joe Rooney, and Kevin Gildea.