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Cork Rock City 69-track compilation for download

Cork Rock City is a free compilation available this week from Drop-D celebrating the city’s vibrant music scene.

Featuring songs from I’ll Eat Your Face, death metallers, For Ruin, indie-popsters When Good Pets Go Bad, KVX, Hope is Noise, Brains, Toby Kaar, Generic People, Laserface and Robin Renwicl, dub’s Wiggle, The Altered Hours and Ladydoll amongst others there’s a mammoth 42 tracks to get your ears into (with more on the way) which translates as 4 discs so catch the downloads over here.

Cork Rock City: Preview by

Hope is Noise – Peace and Quiet
Arm the Elderly – Catwalk Revolution
Elk – Nordic
Hooray for Humans – Chevy Chase
Show Motion Heroes – I Think You Ruined My Life
Versives – Fall from Skies
Time is a Thief – Holding the Gun
Artful Renegade – We Own the Night
When Good Pets Go Bad – Far Cry from Nowhere
Cian Walsh – Waltz Along the Promenade
Jonny Rep – If You Had a Plan
Dmitry Datus – Nervous Badger
New Mind Line – A Different Vein
KVX – Graphs
Ladydoll – Genetics
Fingersmith – Sub
Chunky Planet – Suicide Bomber
Ian Whitty and the Exchange – Not on Your Side
Ugly Beautiful – Weekend
Zombie Computer – Get Over You

Stone Throwing Youths – Too Much Information
Beard-Seeking Missile – Dreamermode
The Shed – Craven Walker
Hey Maker! – Sunshine Goes Away
Mr. Explorer – Born Again
My Evil Ex – (Just a Little) Drop of Poison
Beastmen – El Maniaco Contra El Monstruo
Agitate the Gravel – Interval
Los Langeros – Greasy Coat
The Grunts – Party Weirdo
Honey Badger – TV Psycho
The Grandmothers from Outer Space – Cool, Cool Japanese Schoolgirl
Stanton’s Grave – TV Zombie
Brains – 3ft Wide, 7ft Tall
El Bastardo – My Name is Shite
[r]evolution of a sun – Conspire
Hours of Ours – Hours of Ours
Fivewilldie – Black Cloud
Molde – The Price You Pay to Lose Yourself

People of the Monolith – Harvest
Keith Hynes – Palindrome
Detonate – Trojan Horse
Knock ‘em Dead – Dragged Out to Sea
Defect – Scarred
Yesterday’s Heroes – Revengers
Flatline – Blud Kudgel
Sirocco – Dorchadas
For Ruin – Care of the Dead
I’ll Eat Your Face – Dr. Pancake’s Luxurious Ratskin Housecoat
Plinth – La Dlumbra Klxae Futcheon
Lamp – Temet Nosce
Vita – My Father’s Mean
Sideproject – Outpatients

Letter from Belgium – Inland
The Altered Hours – Daydream Parade
Mersk – The Sea of Okhotsk
Deadlands – One
Lift – The Spyre
Wasps vs. Humans – Failure Got Stuck in Traffic
Spekulativ Fiktion – Motives to Create
Wiggle – Brighten the World
Tenonsaw – Twist
In Valour – Higher
Laserface – Bothar Dunta
Fear Stalks the Land! – Akrs
Commandot – Goddessship
Toby Kaar – Crank
Generic People – Generic People
Robin Renwick – Inetro

Hope is Noise – Relation
I’ll Eat Your Face – Rotting Clip
Elk – Bad Cat
The Grandmothers From Outer Space – Cool, Cool Japanese Schoolgirl

  • Howdy! All 69 tracks, plus extras and videos, are now available on the D! Thanks a million! 😀

    Mike D