by / June 5th, 2010 /

Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, Snoop Dogg and Ian Brown appear in new Adidas ad

In case you haven’t noticed, the World Cup is upon us and every brand worth its salt is trying to jump on the band wagon. Adidas, however, have lined up some famous musical names for their latest effort – as well as the odd footballer (yes, of course it includes David Beckham). Recreating the Cantina scene from the first Star Wars movie, it seems to us like a lot of money in pursuit of a half decent idea but make up your own mind…

  • I think this is a great promo! It’s really well done and has a lot of attention to detail.

    Boogie Studio remixed all of the original Star Wars cantina sound effects and character dialogue with the new ones from the celebrities and other characters.

    It’s a fun campaign and a great way to kick off FIFA 2010.

    For more information or to see the full-length version of The Star Wars Cantina 2010 promo as well as to learn more about some of the other projects that Boogie has remixed the sound for, Please check out the blog below and feel free to comment.