by / August 26th, 2009 /

Dan Deacon NOT playing Electric Picnic

Thanks to Guesslist for pointing out this one.

It seems Mr Deacon’s planned Electric Picnic appearance never went beyond the planning stage as the artist has posted a bulletin on Myspace to clear up the confusion.

Subject: europe confusion
Body: hello,
i just wanted to clear up some information about some shows that i am not playing but i am listed as playing. i will not be playing in europe in september. unfortunately, some of the possible shows got listed as confirmed and advertised. this has resulted in a major bummer as i cannot make these shows. i hope to make it back to europe again soon, but i do not know when that is. my apologies to everyone who was looking forward these fictional shows. this time, it honestly wasn’t my f*ck up.

  • Jules

    that seems very confusing – if they had only cancelled Dan’s solo show in Body and Soul last week – why are we only hearing about this now – and from a second hand source at that!!!!

  • Jennifer A

    Bummer! Was very much looking forward to some orchestrated madness from Mr. Deacon.

  • Roger

    gees this is a real kick in the nads. the main reason i was going to elec pic was to see Dan and his ensemble again. Saw them in Dublin recently and they were phenomenal. Most innovative sound i’ve ever come across. we should all get our 240 euro back then chip in and buy Dan and gang flights to Dublin for an ‘in your face’ electric picnic gig.
    Dan – you will be missed, like an odd sock lost forever in this mixed up world.