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Top Story: Darklight Film Festival – A State preview

The 13th annual Darklight Film Festival will take place October 20-22nd at their new HQ at The Factory at Grand Canal Dock. This year’s theme is Strictly Roots in celebration of the spirit of grassroots filmmaking and as a result the focus is on education as well as inspiration with DIY workshops and discussions on community film making. With some topics covered like crowd funding, distribution, homemade digital and special FX, if you hadn’t already considered dabbling in film-making you may come out hungry to grab the nearest camera and get started. But before you rush home to convert your shower curtain into a blue screen, make sure to check a few films out.

With so much to see here are some film highlights to help you chose (and a couple of parties):


The inspiration for ‘Strictly Roots’ theme of the festival, this imaginative film tells the story of two friends in LA who create their own magical world and attempt to realise their crazy dystopian style fantasies with home-made devices. It’s the first feature from the writer-director Evan Glodell who will also be around to give a workshop on Saturday along with the crafty DP (That’s director of photography to us mortals – you have to use lingo like this if you want to make films, people) who is responsible for building the cameras also.

Stick around afterwards to witness the beautiful and magical Shadow Puppetry workshop by Daithi O hEignigh & Yvonne Woods.

Pull(An) Other Irish Cinema collective screening at Studio 5 Sat 22 Oct 14:00 – 19:30

One to watch is New York-based Irish filmmaker Donal Foreman and his evocative short film Pull is about a free-spirited girl in Dublin, trying to find her place to fit in, all the while in a relationship she finds somewhat smothering. Some powerful and beautifully shot scenes around Dublin and at a house party that stretches into the early hours, a party that doesn’t appear contrived, and involving some of the most naturalistic acting and dialogue you’re likely to have seen in a long while.

Opening and Closing Party

Everyone loves a party and two are better than one. The Festival Launch and closing party are set to go off with a bang, At the launch on Thursday Darklight will share out some free beer from independent local breweries and DJ set by Michael McDermott (Le Cool), followed by a screening of Jeanie Finlay’s ‘Sound it Out’. The closing BYOB party sees a slam poetry performance by Leeds Young Authors (also in the closing film We Are Poets), and live MCs The Animators and Diamond Dagger performing with a special late show with Serengeti and Mark Murphy Choice Cuts. 10pm till late.

Tickets allowing Access All Areas All Weekend to Film Screenings, Symposium, Workshops and the Darklight Closing party are an incredible €20. A one day pass is available for €10.
See the schedule here.