by / November 30th, 2010 /

David Lynch – ‘Good Day Today’

Legendary cinema master David Lynch has collaborated on various music projects before, most recently on The Dark Night of the Soul project with Dangermouse and the late/great Mark Linkous. Lynch has a solo album coming out and the lead single ‘Good Day Today’ is not what you’d expect, in fact when they first played it KCRW Radio in Los Angeles credited it to Underworld and many have compared the electronic jam to Crystal Castles. The b-side is the trippy ‘I Know’.

The single is being released on Rob Da Bank’s Sunday Best label, listen to and buy the tune here.

Rob da Bank says: “If I hadn’t just pinched myself I’d swear I was dreaming that we’re actually putting out a record by David Lynch. It proves that not only is he a master director responsible for many of my favourite films but he’s also a talented producer with an innate sense of how powerful music is and can be. I can’t wait to unleash this fantastic record on the world.”

David Lynch comments: “In all my films, I have always been very involved with all that one hears. The creation of this record was a natural extension of my love of sound and music. I am very happy to be with Sunday Best with the songs Good Day Today and I Know. This feels like a good partnership – and I’m looking forward to everyone having a good day today.”