by / October 21st, 2017 /

Daviis launch new single ‘You and Me’ in the Grand Social on Sunday

One of Dublin’s best up and coming bands, Daviis play a headline show at The Grand Social this Sunday night. They will be launching their new single ‘You and Me’ on the night and if their last couple of gigs are anything to go by the place will be absolutely wedged, even on a school night. Based around cousins Gareth and Keith, Daviis have been churning out a production line of powerful pop tunes since day one.

“‘You and Me’ stands out as one of our more upbeat songs. We wanted to branch out and develop into a more synth rock-ish sound.  ‘You and Me’ is our bridge into this new sound. Gav wrote the lyrics about the dynamic between two people and all the feelings of apprehension and anxiety that come with it. We wanted to create a song that lyrically described the real situations people encounter. I think the music video, directed by Dave Fox, does an amazing job of evoking this.”

Even though the singles keep coming Keith says there are no plans for a full length record as yet.

“It’s early days still I think. We’re a little more inclined to release a single every now and then so that we can really refine each song and put everything into it. But you never know though, we might just lash up 30 songs for the craic at some stage!”

Expect a “lively, energetic show with an ambient twang” from Daviis Sunday night and as is usually the case with their shows expect plenty of bang/bands for your buck. This Sunday night they will be backed by ROE, Native Ensemble and Wichita

“We’re delighted with the line-up. For this gig in particular, we got very lucky. I stumbled across ROE on Spotify. She was on an “Independent Derry” playlist. With Native Ensemble, a friend of mine told me I should have a listen to them and try get them on a show. I met most of the Wichita lads on nights out and we made a pact to play a show together. I suppose a mash up of this line up would best describe the sound we’re trying to produce, so we thought it’d be deadly to have them all on the same show.”

Sunday night, why not stick two fingers up at ‘Storm Brian’ and go check out Daviis’ own little hurricane of tunes as it spirals around Liffey Street.