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Digital Socket Awards – The Results

So here we have it. The inaugural Digital Socket Awards were held last night in The Grand Social, Dublin and what a night it was. Presented by “contentious” and “controversial” “comedian” Gareth Stack there were performances from Groom, Meljoann and Ham Sandwich followed by DJ sets from Logikparty and Sweet Oblivion that facilitated a hip-hop dance-off. While Stack’s attempted Gervais Golden Globes routine left the crowd washed in poor jokes and negativity, it was a pleasant sight to see the winners get recognition for their talents.

Adebisi Shank cleaned up by winning Best Design, Best Rock and the coveted Best Album award while The Cast of Cheers matched them for three with Best Indie, Best Newcomer and the RTE Special Award – 2010 Outstanding contribution to Irish music. No surprise then, that The Richter Collective won Best Label. All the winners are listed below.

Congratulations to all involved; the nominees, performers and above all the organizers – also a special big-up to State’s Photo Editor Loreana Rushe for picking up the award for Best Photographer.

Best EP: And So I Watch You From Afar – The Letters
Best Indie: The Cast of Cheers
Best Design: Adebisi Shank
Best Newcomer: The Cast of Cheers
Best Rock: Adebisi Shank – The Second Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank
Best Video: The Ambience Affair – Devil In The Detail
Best Pop: Cathy Davey
Best Photographer: Loreana Rushe
Best Folk: Villagers – Becoming a Jackal
Best Radio: Donal Dineen – The Small Hours
Best Electronic / Hip Hop: Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In
RTE Special Award – 2010 Outstanding contribution to Irish music: The Cast Of Cheers
Best Label: The Richter Collective
Best Song: Villagers – The Meaning of the Ritual
Best Album: Adebisi Shank – This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank

  • Aodh

    Well done to all. Except the host of course.
    While Gervais took on the over exposed and ridiculous Hollywood elite, with there inflated egos and wallets. Mr. Stack took on a bunch of hard working artists who get very little money and often very little recognition from the wider public. Were they not entitled to one night of celebration of their work without having to put up with cheap insults from a comic who has never been funny?!

    I am aware that comments like this one may well be what he was after in the first place.

  • I thought Stack was reallyt twat-ish, and I saw at least one of the organizers – I’ll leave which one nameless for obvious reasons – cringing every time he came on stage. He did it for free, I suppose, but I found him a real irritant. The rest of the night was class, though, well done to everyone invovled. Vinny’s speechs through his red bag were particularly entertaining :).