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DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist on The Hard Sell

DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist

If you were a fan of Shadow and Chemist’s Brainfreeze and Product Placement mixes then rejoice because the third installment in the eclectic trilogy has been released. Entitled The Hard Sell, it’s a mix of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip-hop and everything that’s weird in between. Strangely, even the Foo Fighters feature!

Plenty of unknown 45 cuts mixed with songs you know in a different form. Exactly what you’d expect from 2 DJs who spend way too much time in dank basements looking for piles of records. The term crate-diggin’ was coined for these two y’know.

What I love about mixes like this (especially after you’ve been banging out Diplo’s latest mix or equivalent) is the crisp, crackles of warm vinyl and the antiquated sound of following a lineage of tunes far removed from modernity, until you find yourself in the musical present by the fadeout. True Journeys by DJs.

The Hard Sell first came about after the two were asked to perform Brainfreeze in front on 16,500 at the Hollywood Bowl. The set was done with 8 turntables and 2 loop pedals resulting in The Hard Sell CD which of course, is the set you can expect in the Ambassador Theatre on the 14th of March (Unfortunately sold out).

DJ Shadow/ Cut Chemist – The Hard Sell Snippets


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State contributor Jeff on the Hollywood Bowl show @ Passion of the Weiss
Soulsides on the same show

  • robbie

    Should be a good show in d’ambo, just heard Kid Koala will be there too. Glad I trusted my early bird instinct!

  • shane

    i need a ticket big time.if any1 is selling e-mail me

  • Steven

    oh man i wish it wasnt sold out! jesus!!!

  • louise

    2 tickets desperately wanted for two lovely cailini…we will make you endless cups of tea and be your friend forever, which im sure you will agree is truly priceless…..

  • chewy

    is this the same show they did at Oxygen last year?
    i was not a fan of that at all.
    and i LOVE Brainfreeze.

  • Dunno to be honest. it probably is.

  • mel

    i need to go to this gig! if anyone feels like selling me 2 tickets i shall be their best friend for ever as well as giving them a large cash sum!

    pretty please help me out, somebody!