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Donal Dineen’s Small Hours to cease broadcasting in December

From a Today FM press release, comes sad news for lots of people today:

Donal Dineen’s Small Hours radio show will broadcast its final show on December 1st 2011. Dineen has been with the station since its Radio Ireland days and since 17th March 1997, he presented No Disco and is known and revered for bringing experimental music to many listeners ears for the first time.

Donal says that while he’s disappointed the show has to end now, he’s;

“very grateful for all the time I’ve had doing the job I always dreamed of and I’ve enjoyed each minute of every programme over the past fifteen years. The response from the audience and the many music-makers who joined me in the studio has been a big reward in itself and I want to thank everybody for their valuable support and contributions. There’ll always be more to come, to be continued…”

The Small Hours will air its last show on Thursday 1st December 2011, and Donal will be announcing news of his future adventures in sound, including the Parish recording project, on

Indeed, Donal Dineen’s Parish project with Donal Dineen, Madu, Niwel Tsumbu and New Jackson is playing a gig this Friday in Button Factory for (€10).

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Read sometime State writer Darragh McCausland’s post on Dineen.

  • This is very depressing news!

  • Warcam

    This totally sucks.

  • Disgusted, this is the only thing that keeps the noise out from the mediocrity of Irish radio. I listen to the playback version all the time.

  • Jules

    I really thought this was the one thing that gave Today FM credibility and marked it out as one of the more forward thinking radio stations in Ireland today -a station that was prepared to take risks, treat the listener as an individual and realised that great radio isn’t all about the numbers. A real frickin shame!