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Elbow share ‘Fly Boy Blue/Lunette’ and release new album tracklist

Guy Garvey mentions Irish whiskey on the first cut from the upcoming Elbow album; that’s guaranteed to get a good response at IMMA, Kilmainham in June. Otherwise, ‘Fly Boy Blue/Lunette’ is relatively short on anthemic heights.

Garvey is in a talkative mood; his lyrics are dense yet elliptical on the song’s first half and the band chugs along in support. The screeching entrance of Mark Potter’s guitar is the first hint that something a bit nastier may be afoot but the song quickly reverts to type – walking along, whistling innocently – before a hellish combination of brass and violins stomps all over everything.

As we transition into the Lunette half of the song, things become altogether airier. Garvey takes a step back to wordlessly holler and a gentle mix of acoustic guitars and bass take the fore. He re-enters, contemplating age, drink, love and family in typically self-deprecating, melancholy style.

You can watch the ‘Fly Boy Blue/Lunette’ video below, or download the song for free when you pre-order the new album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, from iTunes.

The tracklisting for The Take Off and Landing of Everything is as follows:

This Blue World
Fly Boy Blue/Lunette
New York Morning
Real Life (Angel)
Honey Sun
My Sad Captains
Colour Fields
The Take Off and Landing of Everything
The Blanket of Night

Elbow will perform Live at the Marquee, Cork on 24th June and at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin on 25th June. Tickets available from