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Electric Picnic 2010 – Lineup

Tickets for Electric Picnic 2010 go on sale this Friday 26th March 2010 at 9am, full info after the line-up.

Some of the acts have been announced and the line up looks as follows:

Roxy Music
Massive Attack
LCD Soundsystem
The Frames
Public Image Ltd
The National
Imelda May
Mumford & Sons
Seasick Steve
Modest Mouse
Hot Chip
Gil Scott-Heron
Fever Ray
Jonsi (Sigur Ros)
Fat Freddy’s Drop
Bad Lieutenant
Crystal Castles
Afro Celt Soundsystem
Booka Shade
Bloody Beetroots Death Crew77
Steve Earle
The Waterboys
Beach House
The Big Pink
808 State
Low Anthem
Redneck Manifesto
The Horrors
Liquid Liquid
Here We Go Magic
Field Music
Steve Mason
The Alarm
Messiah J & The Expert
Dublin Gospel Choir
Adrian Crowley
New Pornographers
Breakestra & Chali 2 Na
Mr Scruff
Memory Tapes

and more to be announced …

Ticket Information
Weekend Tickets are €240 / Family Camping Ticket €240 per adult. Each adult can bring up to 2 kids under 12.. There are no single day tickets.
Campervan Tickets for access to Regular & Family Campervan Parks are €60, available also from the same outlets. Above ticket prices include booking fee & VAT and go on sale 9am 26th March 2010 from all usual outlets, / Credit Card Hotline: Ph 0818 719300 Republic of Ireland / 0870 2434455 UK/Northern Ireland. Phone / internet bookings are subject to 12.5% service charges. Agents fee is €2.50.

Photos of the Rubberbandits and some models from the launch here by Kieran Frost and Damien McGlynn:
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  • Quint

    Erm, why are there 2 idiots there with plastic bags on their heads? Just wonderin’.

  • B.Beetroots

    Because they are the Rubberbandits!

  • Ezrai

    No, they’re models. And that’s not plastic bags over their faces, that’s collagen!

  • Is anyone that impressed by the line up? I know it’s incomplete and there are a number of good bands on there, but Im really not impressed at all. 240 Euro a ticket and Roxy Music and Leftfield as (probably) two of the headliners?! I know EP is ‘all about the atmosphere’, as everyone likes to point out, but it certainly helps the atmosphere if the promoters splash out a bit more on the music, no?

  • Aaron

    There’s plenty of smaller bands I’m looking forward to seeing on the line up. I’m most excited to get to see the Horrors.

    Not mad about the headliners, apart from LCD if they are a headline band on the weekend. Roxy Music have been limited in recent years to playing the Marquee in Cork so EP shouldn’t be trying to pull a fast one by giving them headline status. It’s a bit lazy. Don’t get me started on the Frames!!

  • Conor

    This is the strongest starting line-up since 2005 (Kraftwerk, Nick Cave, Arcade Fire etc). The ‘Roxy could only headline the Marquee’ is a bit of a red herring – last year’s headliner Madness couldn’t fill Tripod the year before (bouncers were actually calling over to Whelan’s, Solas, the Village etc giving away free tickets to fill the place). Besides, even leaving aside their influence over nearly everything (they’re even headlining Sonar), they’ve always been considered one of the best live bands ever. The summer before they played the Marquee they also headlined the Isle of Wight festival (60,000 people or so).

    Leftfield bowed out in 2000 after headlining Glastonbury, so the Picnic is hardly barrel-scraping here. I was at their Glastonbury show and the Homelands headliner a few months later and I’m still boring the ass off everyone talking about how amazing it was. I also had a cliche-ridden teenage epiphany in 1996 seeing them on the Leftism tour in the Ulster Hall. When they announced they were reforming to play at Rock Ness in Scotland, it was big news on music sites worldwide, including State. Compared with, say, ‘festival favourites’ Basement Jaxx as headliners last year, it’s a walkover. And imagine if Lydon walks onstage to sing Open Up… sheeeeeeit.

    As for the other acts: Fever Ray, PiL, LCD Soundsystem, GIL SCOTT-HERON!, Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Liquid Liquid, 808 State, Edan, Memory Tapes – even The Frames couldn’t spoil that.

    It’s all subjective etc, I’ve been disappointed with the line-up the last few years but me and the ol’ Picnic are muckers again.

  • johnny hotpants

    im impressed, its got real weight there is soo much good stuff on there, the lack of the token big name headliner along with the recession should confine all the nackbags an fuckin eedgits to oxygen.
    anyway roxy music and leftfield will step up to the plate.
    im particularly lookin forward to fever ray and caribou!!
    who knows maybe there will be a repeat of this

  • johnson Johnson

    I think it is greatly improved

  • Woman of Jewday

    It is not greatly improved you tardoid

  • Pat Lawless

    Will the Greencraft field be there for 2010
    Regards Pat

  • Bands Im bothered about from that line up so far – LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Crystal Castles, Modest Mouse, Beach House. The rest I can take or leave. Even without the inevitable 200 Euro on drinks, transport etc (minimum) that works out at 40 Euro per band Im actually bothered about. Not all about the music, of course, but Im hoping they add a lot more before Ill pay out, personally.

    Rock En Seine have already announced LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, Massive Attack, 2 Many Djs, Two Door Cinema Club and Queens Of The Stone Age at around half the price (and they’ve only announced about a dozen acts so far)… any takers?

    The Glastonbury re-sale is this Sunday, too. (Should have kept that to myself, really, but hey…)

  • Crystal Castles, James?

  • Ever seen them live mate? They’re immense. I virtually never listen to them on record, but there’s not much I wouldnt pay to see them live again…

  • Patrick Conboy

    Ain’t seen them live so I can’t comment on that. However, their music makes me want to burn out my eyes with a hot poker…

  • Lol. Me too, on record, the only reason they get any play time at all is to reminisce about their live shows. Seriously though, live = immense. One of my favourite gigs of last year.

  • why am I not asked to play the festival?

    asks woilfgang Flür, Ex-Kraftwerk member and MUSIK SOLDAT
    Elektro-Knirsch program. Watch my site.

    Best greetings from Düsseldorf / Germany,

    Wolfgng Flür

  • AstonishingSodApe

    I agree, Wolfgang. Why not indeed!

    I might have a free gaff next week, but you’re probably busy

  • Conor

    Ha what a comment — wouldn’t be surprised if it was Wolfgang himself.
    Petition time, he’d definitely play!

    I bought the esteemed Herr Flur a brandy in the Tivoli a few years ago, aah we go way back. He can stay at my gaff too, the couch is always free for our Wolfy.

  • I’m honest, guys! It’s me, Wolfgang Flür fom Düsseldorf! Again I ask, why I’m not invited to this festival with my MUSIK SOLDAT electro-dance and video program? Look at and watch f.i.:

    Wolfgang plays Leechrum (North Ireland) in 2007)
    Wolfgang @ Tivoli (Dublin in 2008)

    both vids on second video site (clik for part 2 and more videos)

    and others like Astro Disco K4 Ljubljana
    Elektro-Knirsch @ Elektrobot Rec. (Berlin)

    Electric Picnic seems very okay!


    (thanks for the free gaff offer)

  • Arse Biscuit

    Massive Attack
    LCD Soundsystem
    The Frames
    The National
    Mumford & Sons
    Modest Mouse
    Beach House

    Jaysus lads, these are all I’m interested in, hardly worth my hard earned bobs I feel!

    I would go to Oxegen for Broken Social Scene alone rather than go to EP this yr

  • claire

    conor seems to have all the answers…

    james.. crystal castles?! wt*… have you heard them screeching live? patrick your right! james ya musta been D-runk when ya coped them live?

    ep line up is mighty fine, as long as modest mouse are on the main stage this time & caribou play the body and soul on sunday night.. what a way to cap the weekend… oh and imelda should see about gettin jeff over for another collaboration…

  • Mikell

    Fever Ray,yep. …Fleetfoxes Might turn up yet…..hehh

  • padraig

    The line up impresses, mostly. however putting a band as truely btillant as the New Pornographers so low on the totem pole .. i mean below acts as firmly uninspiring and a little gimicky as framed, mumford and his unfortunate sons, paul bloody brady, cold chip, i feel sick steve and really really bad lieutenant is a major injustice….can i just throw in a question…as soemone who’s never been to the picnic before… is bringing a 2 and half year old boy little on the nieve side or should just pay out for sitter ?

  • Hi Padraig,

    It may be best to leave your boy at home for the weekend. As far as I know there are no facilities for children and if it turns out to be a wet weekend he’ll feel thoroughly bored and miserable. Also, there’s noise in the campsite throughout the night and I’d imagine the large crowds in general would be an issue too…

  • fifee

    Padraig bring your kid, theres a family campsite with loads of facilities. My frends bring their children every year, not for the whole weekend, they go home saturday night but theres always loads of kids staying for the whole weekend. Its a family friendly festival, just hopefully with the line up this year the knacks will stay away.

  • I stand corrected!

  • Frank

    Was there last year with my 3 children (2, 5 and 6). Family campsite is great, safe and separate from the other camping areas. Catering facilities opened at 7am on this site and it was clean and tidy and well organised. Plenty to do all day but you will probably need a buggy as the kids won’t stay up after it gets dark. Buggy needs to be able to handle fields/mud. Kids loved the camping (their first time). We took turns to look after the kids each night, rumour has it there might be baby sitters available at the gig this year. Its not a drink fuelled festival and its a great atmosphere, just need to watch the gigs that get crowded. Organisers sometimes allowed families to use the Wheelchair stages present in some performance tents, but not everytime. You may need ear defenders for the kids for some of the smaller/louder gigs, and make sure you get them to the loo before any gig you don’t want to miss. We are all looking forward to it this year.

  • mowgli

    crystal castles are the obvious winners on the list…
    oxygen is kickin EPs ass thus far tho..
    archade fire. florence. goulding. harris. local natives. quality

  • JuanPablo

    I always look forward to EP every year but this year doesn’t tickle the tastebuds. The obvious bands like horrors, crystal castles, hot chip & Modest Mouse etc all sound great but whats left after those token 8-9 bands?
    Not a great lineup when compared to other festivals to be fair, rock en seine, pukkelpop and benicassim all have much better lineups which are all reasonable and would come in around the same money with flights etc…..not to mention oxegen which has a banging lineup
    I know it’s all about the vibe and everything around the festival etc etc but at the end of the day it’s a music festival so it needs some bigger names.
    Is it worth the 250 this year? Honestly it’s just not….

  • stavrosthehamster

    Great example those publicity hungry idiots are setting! More fool you lot for showing those gobshites putting plastic bags on their heads.