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Electric Picnic 2010 – Pick of the Classics

The Picnic has always prided itself on bringing acts of a legendary status to Ireland and this year sees more than a few examples. Here’s our pick of the classic class of 2010:

1. Roxy Music (Friday)

Maybe Roxy Music aren’t the obvious choice for a Friday night headliner but we reckon they could be one of the surprise packages of the weekend, if they play it smart and go with a greatest hits set. Musically they fit the bill and you may well discover that you know more of their songs than you think.

2. Leftfield (Saturday)

Not quite the complete Leftfield that we remember, but Neil Barnes seems to be doing a fine job of steering the ship alone. “A worthy festival addition to the summer” we reckoned when reviewing their recent Tripod show and we see no reason why this weekend should prove us wrong.

3. PiL (Friday)

Forget the shambles that was the Sex Pistols at this very festival a few years back, John Lydon’s decision to resurrect PiL has proved that he hasn’t lost his sense of timing. It won’t be pretty or for the faint hearted but their Friday night set should be a brutal highlight.

4. Massive Attack (Sunday)
The closing hours on Sunday night are generally light good vibes this year, with Massive Attack perhaps the darkest party closers of all. Still it should suit the mood of those dreading the return to the real world on Monday morning.

5. The Fall (Sunday)
Members may come and go but one thing never changes about the Fall live experience – the enduring sense of utter chaos. If you have yet to fall for the charms of Mark E. Smith may we suggest that this isn’t the place to start but if he remains your idol then fill your boots.

6. Marc Almond (Friday)
Marc Almond’s post-80s career may not have brought him the kind of success that some of his contemporaries have enjoyed, yet neither has he faded away. Instead he has continued to plough his own very unique furrow. Whether any of the hits will get an airing remains to be seen but this promises to be a memorable performance.

7. The Waterboys (Friday)
Still essentially the work of recent State mixer Mike Scott, the Waterboys have a serious festival pedigree. Give them an early weekend crowd and a pleasant evening weather wise and watch the main arena turn into one giant hoe down.


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    Marc Almond’s on at the same time as the Waterboys.
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