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Electric Picnic latest: Marc Almond and Thisispopbaby programme announced

Marc Almond has just been announced for Electric Picnic. The Soft Cell man has been performing for over 30 years and is known for hits like as ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’. He will be performing with a five piece band in the Electric Arena tent.

Meanwhile, Thisispopbaby have announced a lineup for their tent this year full of “Drag Royalty, Petit Queens, Wonky Poppers and Performance Giants”. There will be intimate sets from Robyn and Chew Lips, new shows from Panti, Shirley Temple Bar and Heidi Konnt, performances from New York’s Gospel Superdiva Our Lady J, extreme London performance artist Jonny Woo and neo-cabaret superstars Bourgeois and Maurice, Werk will host the tent’s late night programme where Veda Beaux Rêves, Bitches with Wolves and more will perform.

ThisisPopBaby is a multi-award winning theatre and events production company run by Phillip McMahon and Jennifer Jennings. In the past three years they have produced eight original theatre shows, created an international arts festival called Queer Notions, won three major awards and been nominated for five others, acted as an agent for other artists’ work, host a monthly riot in the basement of the Abbey Theatre and have stormed the Electric Picnic along with avant-garde designer Niall Sweeney and producer Louise O’Reilly and their unmistakable blend of performance, design and clubbing.

Programme Highlights

International performance giants: Our Lady J, Jonny Woo, Bourgeois & Maurice
Known for her visionary gospel stylings and powerhouse pianist skills, Our Lady J has been delivering a new testament of post-religious gospel music to sold out crowds at venues all over the world. Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, The Scissor Sisters and Antony (of “The Johnsons”) collaborator, Our Lady J will be blasting the Picnic with her gospel electro/pop fusion – the unorthodox uplifting soul-shaking sound she’s best known for. “I just LOVE listening to Our Lady J sing!” Dolly Parton. Joined on stage by The Gospel Pop Ensemble.

Dubbed ‘Shoreditch’s ringmaster’ by The New York Times, Jonny Woo is the infamous showman who helped create east London’s Noughties party scene. Outlandish actor, subversive playwright, dynamic dancer, and tranny lip-syncher extraordinaire, there are no limits to this brilliant Londoner’s talents.

Bourgeois and Maurice, the darlings of London’s neo-cabaret scene, present their new show, Shedding Skin, a fabulous homage to this century we live in. Featuring a whistle-stop tour through the peculiarities of a nation on the edge via a truly astonishing collection of outfits, this part neo-cabaret, part theatre, part irreverent self-help group will explore socially vital issues such as eroto-manic stalking, clandestine body mutilation and the fatal curse of nu rave.

Panti’s Festival Survival Guide
Gender illusionist, Tokyo drag doyenne, pub landlady, political activist and all round funny girl Panti returns to retain her crown as Queen of the Picnic. In this all new Picnic special, Panti invites festival goers to learn from her mistakes, and guides them through the do’s and don’t’s of festival life. With biting wit and big hair, Panti’s stand up is renowned throughout the country, and this mix of comedy, very special guests, and audience interaction is just the firecracker to kick off the best picnic EVER.

Electropopstars Robyn and Chew Lips
With a knack for memorable pop gems, exquisite vocals and immaculate productions, the platinum selling Swedish superpopstar Robyn will play an intimate acoustic set in THISISPOPBABY. Kitsuné’s latest wunderkind – synth-pop trio Chew Lips – bring one hot ‘n’ sassy frontwoman, an impressive array of Korgs, drum machines, laptops and strings, and their filthy disco gems to rip up the pop field.

WERK – Performance. Art. Club.
In a late-night haze of neon and performance, live art and discotheque, the belly of the Picnic is being put to WERK. Trashy club and performance roulette – this irreverent blast of ideas is an epic weekender in the making. Irreverent, bold and trashy; WERK is the house of unseemly investigation, abnormal talent and unnatural beauty. Unmissable highlights include rising stars Veda Beux Rêves and Bitches with Wolves. It’s a party. Clock in – WERK out.

Heidi Konnt’s Chat Roulette
Let ze Animal in you out. It’s very basic: Perverts from all over the World get to grips with zer cockz and chat openly about Aids and crack cocaine to ze Konnt. There will be music and fisting as usual. Silly games (with prizes), some interaction with ethnic minorities, Hot Russians getting high and chatting openly to ze Konnt about their zexual hang-ups. Not for the feint hearted!

HOT POP: Cap Pas Cap, The Pulpit and The Late Fragments
THISISPOPBABY’s programme of hot new electopop, indie pop and surf pop from rising Irish stars is headlined by the excellent Cap Pas Cap. Described by The Irish Times as “edgy, daring and sparky”, they will be performing music from their eagerly awaited LP. The Pulpit’s sweet mix of electro pop and surf guitar is served up with a delivery that’s pure rock ‘n roll. Their live set is filled with explosive energy with a hint of sexual deviancy. With the sound of an endless summer, a set full of soulful lyrics, and the look of a roughed up boyband, The Late Fragments bring an alternative edge to the indie pop genre.

Shirley Temple Bar’s Turbo Minty Madouvit Bingo
Shirley Temple Bar goes Turbo in a special souped up Picnic edition of Electro-Bingo. With her team of hot property dragsters, this poppers-addled hyperactive schoolgirl will not stop until all her balls are popped. Be rejuvenated with Shirley’s acerbic wit, aerobic dance routines, Eurovision fixation and personal fatwa against Boyzone.

Midnight Burlectro
Midnight Burlectro – Where hot pop burlectro meets dirty rock combined with dance music NRG. This high-octane all-gurrrl burlesque production, with musical director Marc Aurele (BellX1), returns to the Picnic complete with live band, dance troupe and one killer set of lungs.

Pop Céilí
Forget everything you know about the world of ceílís: multi-award winning theater company Making Strange’s Pop Ceílí reinterprets the genre with live trad covers and mash-ups of extraordinary pop phenomena. With a whole new set of techno jigs and wonky reels, come prepared to hAon Dó Trí and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Dublin’s Creative Clubland DJ’s
The music is electropop – and we’re camped out in the future. Showcasing the creamy crop of Dublin’s neon club land, THISISPOPBABY presents DJs from C.U.N.T., Partie Monster, Super Super Disco and WERK.