by / July 29th, 2008 /

Explicit rapper (and booty enthusiast) Necro for Dublin date


Good news for all you death-rap lovers! Jewish rapper and explicit lyricist Necro (NSFW!) brings his unique style of ultra-violent hip-hop all the way from Brooklyn.

His album Death Rap debuted at #13 on the Top New Artist charts in the U.S and recently claimed the #1 spot on the Canadian Independent Artist chart. In 2007, Necro sold out London twice, once at The Scala, and once at The Mean Fiddler tickets in 4 months. He then played the Download Festival at Donnington, and brought 3500 kids to the 3rd stage.

Will anyone actually go to see him here though? His songs have titles like ‘Yo Ho’ (presumably not about a garden implement), ‘Black Hole’ (presumably not about astronomy), ‘Fucking 50 Bitches’ (Yehhh.. anyway you look at it, it’s what it is) and an album called The Sexorcist. And seriously, what the f**k is Death rap anyway?

  • Rap that fixates on killing, death and violence. Much like death metal except rap obviously.