by / August 16th, 2016 /

Fancy a swim? Electric Picnic has you covered

In a slightly left-field move (no pun intended), Electric Picnic have opened up Stradbally Lake to festival goers for the weekend come September 4th. The lake is a pretty good idea when you think about – a good opportunity to refresh the senses after a night’s partying and over indulgence.

To reach The Lake, follow the signposted riverside path leading from the Jimi Hendrix Campsite area daily (see times below). Straight from Rio 2016, Picnic lifeguards will be on duty to watch out for everyone’s safety over the course of the weekend.

Opening times:

Friday: 2pm -5pm FAMILIES ONLY / 5.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY

Saturday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY

Sunday: 10am-1pm FAMILIES ONLY / 1.30pm-7pm ADULTS ONLY