by / July 2nd, 2009 /

Final Michael Jackson rehearsal video released

As the tabloid circus surrounding his demise rumbles on, promoters AEG have released video footage of the rehearsals for Jackson’s planned London shows. Shot on June 23rd, two days before he died, it shows an energetic Jackson performing ‘They Don’t Care About Us’.

  • wow!!!!what a total performer to the very end.i think of the loss the people that have worked so closely w/him on a daily or even in preparations of a tour of this magnum.those dancers and his glam squad/stylist and karen faye,his mk/up artist,these people have to also not being able to greive properly due to there also being interviewed.his musicians ,grips,over all crew i wish u all peace,and take time out EVERYONE!!!! to really collect your thoughts and realize just how uncertain life one of the things i recall about m.j. total dedication to many levels of love….and he proved it !!! it’s so sad that he felt he had to say that he was the bio father to those children,because as we ol skool’r know it has nothing to do w/the actual bloodline when the entire reason is all based out of love.i always alays felt that they weren’t but i hope he told them the truth as they got older so these children don’t an didn’t hear all of the talk of their past as well as now their future.m.j. made it clear as of this day that his wishes r 2 have his kid’s reared by his choices more than likely based on his exp w/his mother’s love that appeared to be UNCONDITIONAL in his expressed well as his ol time 2nd mom type figure diana ross.i do feel sad that he couldn’t feel as if he wanted to tell fans and admirers that out of pure love that he has adopted these children.he was a total MUSICAL ICON there’s no doubt,but otherwise he really led a very sad life overall.and that’s why rest in peace really applies to his very shocking death.the investigation that get’s into the who’s responsible !! if anyone.i also agree that it’s hard to believe still,and then no one knows when u exit this life and what’s in store in the next level of life or total slumber..i’m not sure how it goes because no one’s come back and told me different.but tell your people that u love them by showing love it’s a action thing,wouldn’t it b a celebration 2 his lifetime achivements 2 do something showing love 4 mankind 4 a total b that person in the mirror and show much love…………..