by / June 10th, 2011 /

First Thought Best Thought club night starts Saturday

First Thought Best Thought is a new monthly club night brought to you by Quarter Inch Collective that takes place on 11th of June in the Loft of Twisted Pepper, Dublin promising “the most interesting and innovative electronic music happening in Ireland and the world today”.

Expect a musical ethos that finds commonground with Anticon, Brainfeeder, HotFlush and the likes. All kinds of future music including hip-hop, electronica, post-dubstep etc.

For the inaugural bash, Belfast’s Defcon will play live with DJ sets from Cloud Castle Lake and Market Force. It kicks off at 11pm and a €5 concession list is here.

Here’s a First Thought Best Thought mix:

First Thought Best Thought Mix #1 by Quarter Inch Collective