by / January 19th, 2009 /

Fred appeal for return of stolen gear

With a series of gigs planned for the coming weeks, including a high profile show at London’s Borderline, Fred have had a large amount of their equipment stolen. The gear was taken from their van, ironically parked outside Anglesea Garda Station in Cork. The missing equipment is as follows:

1 Fender Blues Junior re issue amp with tweed finish
1 Fender sunburst precision bass
1 Fender Stage 100 amp
1 Pearl masters white marine pearl finish with gold trim rack tom drum;(12″x8″) in rigid black case with yellow straps on catches
1 Pearl Masters sparkly blue snare drum with chrome trim()14″x6″ kept in worn wine coloured case covered in old stickers(1 Sparta prague F.C. sticker included) with black tie strap
1 Trace Elliot bass head

Anyone with any information should phone Sheena on 087 3245092 or email