by / September 9th, 2010 /

Freebass split before album, Mani attacks Peter Hook

Freebass – the band formed by Mani, Peter Hook and Andy Rourke – have split ahead of the release of their debut album, five years in the making and due later this month. Rourke quit in August and now relations between the other two members have also broken down. Writing on Twitter, Mani lambasted Hook for his recent Joy Division tribute shows – “Three things visible from space, Great Wall Of China, Peter Hook’s wallet stuffed with Ian Curtis’ blood money, Man City’s empty trophy cabinet! I’ve actually got an ongoing career, so I don’t feel the need to exploit my past glories. I exist in the here and the now.” As for the Freebass record, well… – “It’s where it belongs mate… in the fucking bargain bin before it’s even released. You live and learn. I’m getting back with the ‘real’ players tomorrow, thank fuck. Can’t be doing with talentless nostalgia fuckwit whores.”

  • And after having had the misfortune of witnessing Hook’s woeful Joy Division tribute band I can safely say this: Mani is right!

  • Well, at least he’s not mincing his words

  • summerhead

    I can see the last quote coming back to haunt Mani if The Stone Roses ever play again.