by / May 16th, 2012 /

Full Jimi’s Music Store robbery details

Just over a week ago, Jimi’s Music Store in Walkinstown was robbed, with thieves making off with a large number of high end guitars and amps. The owners have issued a full list of stolen items, including serial numbers, so be on the look out for the following:

Gibson ES335 Black 2001
Gibson ES339 Light Caramel Burst (New) S/N: CS154461
Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top(New) S/N: 109800397
Gibson Les Paul Custom 1993 Cherry Sunburst
Gibson Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute Gold Top 2011 S/N: 117811456
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Desert Burst(New) S/N: 117110679
Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony 2003 S/N: 01283681
Gibson SG Standard Cherry (New)
Gibson SG Standard Ebony (New) S/N: 103600551
Gibson 61 SG Cherry (New) S/N: 100921382
Gibson SG Special Worn Cherry (New)
Epiphone Les Paul 2010 Tribute Cherry Sunburst
Fender 1978 Telecaster Antigua S/N: S831051
Fender American Standard Strat Candy Apple Red RW 2005 S/N: Z5143435
Fender American Standard Strat Factory Special 2009 Surf Green RW S/N:Z8224287
Fender American Special Strat Sunburst MN (New) S/N: US11139095
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst MN (New) S/N: US10223529
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst RW (New)
Fender American Standard Strat Black MN (New) S/N: US10211426
Fender American Standard Strat Candy Cola Red MN (New) S/N: US10218133
Fender American Standard Strat Olympic White MN (New) S/N: US11297350
Fender American Standard Strat Sunburst RW 2010
Fender American Deluxe Strat Sunburst RW (New) S/N: US11014909
Fender Standard Strat Lake Placid Blue (New)
Fender Blacktop Strat RW (New) S/N: MX11155046
Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster RW (New)
Fender Standard Telecaster Lake Placid Blue MN (New) S/N: MX11259673
Epiphone Les Paul ’56 Gold Top
Tokai Flying V
Gibson Melody Maker Sunburst
Fender Precision Bass Natural RW 1978 S/N: S879242
Fender American Strat International Morroco Red 1978 S/N: S972056
Fender American Strat Natural RW 1974 S/N: 572687
Fender American Strat Black with Black pickguard MN 1979 S/N: S929039
Fender American Strat ’62 Re-issue Sherwood Green RW S/N: V115236
Fender Lonestar Strat Pearl RW 1997 S/N: N7252231
Fender American Deluxe Strat Black MN 2001 S/N: DZ2180795
Fender VG Strat Black
Fender Mark Knopfler Strat Hot Red RW
Orange SP210 Isobaric 2×10 Cab (New)
Marshall MG101CFX (New)
Marshall MG102CFX (New)
Fender Rumble 30 (New) S/N: KKI11I0638
Orange Rocker 30 Used
Fender Satellite Extension Cab
Marshall Superbass