by / December 3rd, 2017 /

Get festive with the new single from Wyvern Lingo

Partly written as a response to Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘I Am A Rock’, the latest single from trio Wyvern Lingo – ‘Snow II’ – is a delectable taste of what to expect from the band’s forthcoming full-length due out in early 2018. A fitting title given the time of year, ‘Snow II’ is a lilting, melodic foray into more mature territory from Wyvern Lingo, yet there’s a subtle bite to proceedings that has historically served Caoimhe Barry, Karen Cowley, and Saoirse Duane, so well.

Barry, who takes the vocal lead on the track, explains “It’s from the perspective of the person trying to reach an ex lover who is in that dark place, cutting themselves off from the world. It’s about wanting to comfort them, but you can’t speak to them or hold them like you might have when you were in a relationship, and how sad and confusing that is.

Emotive stuff. Listen to ‘Snow II’ below.