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Giveaway: Clinic & Max Tundra passes

Ben Jacobs aka Max Tundra is a genius. Everyone should know this. What’s even more genius than the music he makes under that moniker? His live show of course. And what’s better than that? A joint headlining show alongside Liverpool’s bonkers band Clinic? Thank you very much, Tundra and Clinic FTW!

This special event takes place in the Village on Wednesday the 12th of November as part of the Heineken Green Synergy festival with the full line-up of Clinic, Max Tundra and Threatmantics. State has two pairs of passes to the show to giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us your favourite Max Tundra or Clinic song before Monday the 10th at 2pm.

An interview with Max Tundra appears in the next issue of State, filtering out around the country from tomorrow.

Max Tundra – ‘Will Get Fooled Again’

Clinic – ‘Tomorrow’

  • thomas

    the dfa remix of clinics new single tomorrow is my favourite clinic song at the moment

  • Aoife

    Em . . . one called ‘Which Song’, excellently arranged future pop with a melody to match.

  • derek

    My fav is Lee shan off Funf.

  • Justin

    ‘Memories’ from Clinic’s latest album is my current favourite of theirs.

  • Glenn

    The song “M.B.G.A.T.E” by Max Tundra is probably my most favourite tune ever. The album “Mastered By Guy at the Exhange” is a classic.

  • Ciaran Bruen

    I think it’s impossible to pick a favourite Max Tundra track as they are all musical slices of electronic wizardry, and Ben Jacobs is pound for pound unparalleled in the current crop of electronic music purveyors. The guy rules the roost where some of the chart bothering players in bleepy music such as Hot Chip would queue up to be his backline technician. His current offering P.E.B.Y would have even the mighty Aphex Twin looking nervously over his shoulder as mad Max effortlesly chops up time signatures and musical genres. A bona fide wizard.

    Ok if I have to pick one track then Orphaned.

  • paul

    Memories by Clinic for sure