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Giveaway: Control DVD


State has a copy of Control to giveaway courtesy of Tower Records (No, we didn’t just steal it from the shop!), the Ian Curtis biopic by Anton Corbijn. Starring Sam Riley and Samantha Morton, it’s a bleak but mesmerising account of the Joy Division frontman. Shot in emotive black and white with beautifully cinematography, Corbijn based his film on Ian’s wife, Deborah Curtis’s Touching from a Distance.

Special features on the DVD include: Director’s commentary, Extended performance scenes, A Making of Control, Atmosphere ’88 Music Video (directed by Corbijn) and the usual photo galleries and trailers.

To win, leave a comment below telling us your favourite Joy Division moment, song, fact, album. Anything Joy Division related!

  • Joe

    Cliched I know but the intro to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” has me strumming along three or four seconds in as the guitar really kicks in.

  • Arlene Murray

    Im 17 now and ive been a huge fan of Joy Division since I was 13.
    I play bass in a girl garage band,at at every sound check we do I always play the “shes lost control” bass riff for it.That song gives me goosebumps anytime I hear it and anytime I play it.
    And I love the fact that Joy Division looked to legendary Nolan Porter as influence for their song “Interzone”.
    Well they either got influence from it or they just trousered the riff!!!
    Either way,I aint complaining!

  • ger

    I must say the tune which stands out for me has got to be the Joy Division performance of “Radio” on Top of the Pops/Old Grey Whistle Test(not sure which one). It the raw-est most frightening version of pretty much any tune I have ever heard.And to actually pen that song in the first place is incredible. Truly original and loaded with intenstity and melody
    As Master Curtis said “Dance Dance Dance to the Radio”

  • The best Joy Division track has to be “Atmosphere”. It makes the hairs on my arms stand up every time I hear it. I keep hearing nuances when I listen to it… even 28 years later!

  • Anastasia

    My fav JD moment has to be listening to their albums in my friends blacklit bedroom 😀

  • Andrew

    For me, Joy division’s and Ian Curtis’s finest moment is the 3rd verse of “Atmosphere”:

    People like you find it easy
    Naked to see
    Walking on air
    Hunting by the rivers
    Through the streets
    Every corner abandoned too soon
    Set down with due care
    Don’t walk away in silence

    The sound of the band, Curtis’s voice, everything there makes me feel inexplicably great and nostalgic. In addition, with this song it always leaves me imagining the interesting directions Joy Division might have gone in if…

  • neilc

    more about the movie than Joy Division

    peter hook says the american publicist for the movie called up and asked could Joy Division play at the US premier 🙂

    as for Joy Division…for 20 years now… my wardrobe isn’t complete unless i have an unknown pleasures t-shirt… and for a few bleak years in the mid-90s, that was a hard enough call.

  • the first time I heard Joy Division I was 9; had been rummaging with my dad through a bin of 50 cent vinyls and came across unknown pleasures. my dad was highly insulted it ever ended up in a 50 cent bin. “a music tragedy right here in the making” is something to the effect of what he said. we bought it and it was nearly pristine. despite being thrown around a bin for god knows how long, being passed up day in day out (no pun intended), its only hiccup was during side B on “shadowplay”. to this day, its like i can’t listen to “shadowplay” if it doesn’t crackle and hiss at 3:21.

    worst joy division moment: hearing fall out boy covered “love will tear up apart” in 2004. the heart. it bled. don mclean didn’t have it right: that was truly the day the music died.

  • My favourite jd story is how ian wrote she’s lost control about a girl he knew who had epilepsy and then it turned out he had, it could just be one of the many unexplained myths of such an enigma of a man, but sometimes the myth wins out over the truth.

  • Martin

    My favourite JD fact is that Ian Curtis used masking tape to write ‘HATE’ on the back of his Donkey Jacket so he could take it off before going into work in the DSS, then handily replace it to be ‘punk’ when meeting his mates. Of course, in the film its just painted on.

  • The winner chosen at random was Andrew. Thanks folks more comps this week.