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Giveaway: Jamie Lidell tickets

Jamie Lidell

There’s no funkier, more soulful or more joyful album released this year than Jim from Jamie Lidell. Warp Records have a genuine pop hit on their hands. Nowhere in Dublin will the mood be as celebratory as in The Academy on May 3rd when Jamie takes to the stage with a live band for the first time including double sax, drums, bass, backing singers and maybe, just maybe the electronic looping Jamie – The Soul Scientist is known for.

State has 3 pairs of tickets for the show on May 3rd. All you have to do is answer this question:

Like kryptonite’s effect on Superman, every superhero has a weakness. What would be the downfall of superstar funk soul hero Jamie Lidell?

Competition closes Sunday night. 3 people with the best answers win a pair of tickets each.

Enjoy the first two parts of the Jamie Lidell documentary were screened on Channel 4 last night.

  • Ambrose Houlihan

    judging by the fact that i just pissed myself with delight listening to his album, i’d say his weakness is dry underpants.

  • Francis Xavier Ignatius Alowishus

    Elmer Fudd Headgear. Apparently.

  • Listening to Wolf Eyes in the dark on his own. Unless the answer is in the documentary that I ain’t yet seen, this is defo the answer.

  • Gerry Hanratty

    Not actually being black?

  • Rob

    Well, apparently he’s a morning person…so, maybe staying up past his bed-time?

  • Conor Miechie

    Old Gregg’s delicious Baileys cocktails.

  • Owen Cotter

    Blue M&M’s

  • Elaine Murray

    Speakers? Seeing as they have a tendency to go on fire during his concerts!

  • Fergal

    Itchy Tweed Jackets. He can’t perform to his full powers without those glitter jackets.

  • Gavin

    If they messed up his tour posters and had him billed as lidell jamie. He doesn’t sound half as cool then.

  • Liam

    Chocolate Fingers

  • Scowls A Lot

    The shocking resemblance to Colin Farell in that photo above. The underrated surname. Is someone who wears a gold jacket compensating for something? It’s the Lidell things about him really.

  • Dani

    Being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

  • Ginger Bearded Man Boy

    Jamie Lidell’s only weakness could be the rise of the Global Breakthrough Ministry ( a church combining extreme sports and Jebus, surely not even Jamie’s sparkling jackets could compete with a tour that will “utilize skateboarding, bmx freestyle, and extreme freestyle motocross in addition to live awesome Christian music and choreographed laser lights and multi media entertainment on jumbo trons throughout the show.”
    Run and hide Jamie! run and hide!!!, all the above plus it’s endorsed by Stephen Baldwin (

  • Winners are:

    Ambrose Houlihan
    Scowls A Lot
    Ginger Bearded Man Boy