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Giveaway: Mouse on Mars tickets

Mouse on Mars

Thanks to our friends at Shock, State has two pairs of tickets for the Mouse on Mars show this Friday in the Button Factory. Following last year’s side-step into new shoes as Von Südenfed with Mark E Smith, Mouse on Mars have got their experimental comfortable shoes back on again and are ready for their first Dublin show in over four years. Their live shows are highly regarded. It will be a late show from 11pm with support from Shock DJs (Laptop/Live Set).

The awesome poster to the right was illustrated by Bren B for Friday’s show. Click for a larger version.

To win a pair of tickets, answer this question in the comments below:

Where are Mouse on Mars from?

(And for bonus points – A funny non-prejudiced joke about their home country – If you know any )

Giveaway closes tomorrow 5pm.

  • Mouse on Mars are from Germany…

    I could tell a few jokes, unfortunately all are at least slightly prejudiced!

  • Vincent

    They be German

    A punter walking through the Olympic Village sees a man carrying a long pole and he says to him “Excuse me, but are you a pole vaulter” and the competitor answers back in a very serious voice, “no I am German and how did you know that my name is Walter?”. Ba dum tish!

  • squish

    eh? German.
    Bet nobodies going to believe i already knew that.

    Maybe you’ll believe this is my own joke too?

  • Dex


  • Duh, they’re from Mars.

    Or maybe Germany.

    Too long to post here, but I love the joke in this article about the german child:

  • Winners chosen at randon are Fergal and Vincent. I’ll comtact you shortly.