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Giveaway: Out On A Limb Back Catalogue

State has teamed up with Limerick-based Out On A Limb records who are celebrating five years of “missed deadlines” and fine independent Irish releases to offer the label’s entire album back catalogue to a lucky reader (or lurker). The catalogue consists of:

  1. Giveamanakick – Is it ok to be loud, Jesus?
  2. Waiting Room – Catering For Headphones?
  3. Rest – Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame?
  4. Windings – Windings
  5. Giveamanakick – We Are The Way Forward
  6. Ten Past Seven – Shut Up Your Face
  7. Rest – Operation: Impending Doom
  8. Hooray For Humans – Safekeeping
  9. Crayonsmith – White Wonder

To win all you have to do is tell us your favourite Out On A Limb related song, gig or story. Drop your answers in the comments.

Some OOAL videos:
Crayonsmith – Lost in the Forest

Giveamanakick – Borrowed Time

Hooray for Humans – Already Sleeping

The OOAL gang last week at the 5th birthday bash

Also well worth checking out is:
The Cluas Interview
The Egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape.

  • Vinny

    For me it would be Waiting Rooms “Return My Rabbits” from a couple of years back! Great song.

  • The Scientician

    Windings playing upstairs in old Whelans, sometime in 2006. That was fantastic.

  • Song, gig and story… I can do all three.

    For me it’s the song Bobby Dazler by Giveamanakick.

    Myself and a few mates travelled from Carrickmacross to Galway to catch Giveamanakick and Berkeley on their split single tour in the Roisin Dubh. Brilliant gig. But anyway afterwards we went back to the band apartment and partied with the bands till the wee hours. I fell asleep in one of the upstairs rooms…. I was rudely awoken a few hours later by Steve and Keith from GAMAK jumping up and down on my bed stark bollock naked with their bobby dazlers out. Shouting “Dave wake up you’re missing the party”. Rock n’ roll.

    I’ve seen a lot of the out on a limb bands live. Would love that collection.


  • Kevin Kent

    For me it was the awesome Crayonsmith supporting Sparklehorse in Whelans – first intro to them.

  • Dónal

    Shut Up Your Face is the nine greatest songs ever, on a cd that has the coolest case ever!

  • Dave

    it’d have to be missing half of Ten Past Seven at HWCH 07 only to find the lads upstairs after the gig sitting on a couch, saying how shite everything in dublin was. true countrymen to the last.

  • Dónal

    Thrue countrymen no more than myself indeed! Crazy crazy wonderfully intricate music that still has feeling to it. Great to hear coming out of the counthryside!

  • Wayne

    Playing a show with Hooray For Humans in early 2007 in the Limerick School of Art & Design, in the middle of the afternoon (RAG week) in a marquee out the front (only big enough for the bands), facing the big-house style 19th century main building. All the crowd were sitting on couches or on picnic blankets on the grass, with a massive 40ft oak tree just to the right of the tent. The sun comes out just as they start their set.. Picture that!

  • Keefe

    favourite song has far too many contenders…

    ill give it to princess by windings, or message received by waiting room, or back in business by ten past seven…

    favourite gig has to be the 5th birthday bash

    favourite story comes from that same gig: as the ooal boys spun some tunes towards the end of the night, some over- enthused inebriated punter got down on his knees to air guitar the solo from ‘more than a feeling by boston’… his fiance came over to pick him up off the ground, probably telling him to stop making a show of himself. anyway, while he was already down on his knees, he decided to ‘repropose’ to her! 🙂