by / February 8th, 2011 /

Glastonbury headliners revealed

The usually accurate Holy Moly website has revealed who it thinks are going to be this year’s Glastonbury headliners. Topping the bill on Friday will be U2, with the already announced Coldplay on Saturday and Beyonce (presumably the major American star that Michael Eavis has been talking about) closing the festival on Sunday night. We await official confirmation.

  • Quint

    Awful headliners.

  • Emily Eavis said in an interview only a few days ago that this is the first time none of the rumors have really been right (in NME, I believe). These three have all been rumored for months so I highly doubt that this is correct. I also sincerely hope that it isn’t, the only one I’d even consider watching is U2, just out of curiosity really. None of them inspire at all, but then again with the strength in depth at Glastonbury, it doesnt matter all that much.

    Line up past form suggests we won’t know for sure for a couple of months yet. I’d put money on that being wrong, though.

  • All three confirmed now. Anything you’d like to say James? 🙂

  • I’d like to say Emily Eavis is a lying cow :P. And also that I’m not at all happy with this, Oxegen has better headliners :S. Fortunately, Glastonbury has so much more to offer it doesn’t really matter.

  • I was thinking more – Phil, you were right all along….

  • I know you were. But right now I’m more angry with Emily Eavis for lying to me than impressed with your investigative skills, Mr Udell ;). But yes, depressingly (because of the line up, not you, of course!), you were right all along.