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Glasvegas singer goes missing? [updated: no more]

Update: The Guardian reports that he is no longer missing.

Scotland’s national newspaper the Daily Record is reporting that Glasvegas frontman James Allen has been missing for five days, on the eve of the band’s US tour with Kings Of Leon. Allen didn’t appear with the band at last night’s Mercury Music Prize event, apparently due to illness. However, bassist Paul Donaghue told the newspaper that “James is missing in action. We haven’t heard from him since we arrived back from Italy on Friday. The last time we saw him was at Glasgow Airport. The rest of us got in a taxi and that was the last we saw of him.We think he’s ill.”

Bandmate Rab Allan, who is James’s cousin, said: “We’re not supposed to talk about it. He has been working really, really hard and he probably needs a break. If he doesn’t turn up for Kings of Leon, we’ll be really, really worried. The Boston date is in two days. It should concern me. We’re like brothers. He has been saying for ages that he needed a break. His mum hasn’t heard from him but we have told her not to worry. Everyone is panicking. We don’t know if he’s going to come to the gigs. We’ll have to wait and see.”

“The last we heard of him was after we got off the plane on Friday”, he continued. “I emailed him but he didn’t reply. He is probably away with a woman, knowing James. We don’t think he’s in Glasgow. Our manager is in Glasgow and he hasn’t heard from him. We thought he would turn up at the Mercury Prize at the last minute. I miss him. The message is: James please get in touch.”

The band though were seen in good spirits on the TV coverage of the event and their Twitter feed today confirmed they were departing for the US.

  • oh god I hope he’s done a Richey Manic……ha

  • Patrick Conboy

    That’s a pretty stupid comment, Manuel.

  • tertence

    jaysus, you’d think they could come up with a better publicity stunt

  • Sean C

    James Allen: 2009 Hide and Go Seek Champion of the Year