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Guns N’ Roses Dublin show ends in disarray [UPDATED!]

After the chaotic ending to their set at the Reading festival last weekend, Guns N’ Roses appear to be continuing their rock diva antics at tonight’s concert in Dublin’s O2. According to reports reaching us here at State HQ, the band arrived on stage behind schedule and played for around 20 minutes before Axl Rose departed the stage after missiles were apparently thrown towards the band. It’s a move that lead many in the crowd to believe the show had ended but, with most of the audience having already departed the venue, the latest news we’re receiving is that the band have since returned to continue their set.

State’s own Lorna Begg has a rundown of events here.

What happened over the next hour and a half was surreal, with O2 venue staff coming on stage to announce the walk off was due to ‘technical difficulties and that the band would be returning to the stage, to a member of staff from promoters MCD, appearing on stage to try stop the ever depleting crowd from leaving the building. Most of the crowd at this stage were livid and were calling for a refund of tickets and many left the venue very angry with what had just happened. There are reports going around of people being ushered out of the venue when the house lights went up and then not allowed back into the venue when the band finally did return on stage but I can only give my experience of the night. The band returned about an hour after they had first arrived on stage to finish a set which include ‘Rocket Queen’, ‘November Rain’ and ‘Nightrain’ but their hearts were clearly not in it. The mighty ‘Paradise City’ finally brought the longest hour and a half performance to a close.

  • qx

    unappreciative prick.
    ragingg for the crowd no one deserves to be treated like that.

  • Paul

    Am now at home and I read that the tool known as axl Rose decided to come back on stage. Am raging. 75 euros for this drama queen shit. G n’r bonfire in my yard this weekend.

  • Is He Struggling?


    You forgot to mention that they left the stage because a few drunk pricks in the crowd thought it would be good fun to throw stuff at the stage.

    I’m not going to hold my breath for a fair and balanced review of this show on these pages…

  • ian

    i have no pity for the fool’s that payed good money for what was almost guaranteed to be a farce of a show!! AND IT’S NOT GUNS N’ ROSES!!!!!!!

  • @Is He Struggling: As mentioned in the news item, it’s based on reports we’ve received from people who were there. No one’s going to have the full story just yet.

    Were you there?

  • ian

    i was not (thankfully) but i was talking via modern communications with a friend that was there…and his story confirms this!!!

  • mark robinson


    the show was awsome an this band are amazing!!!!! the delays only made the whole thing more memorable!!!!

    this is GUNS N ROSES!!! they dont start at 9pm!!!! do you poeple who were shocked that they were late live under a stone for the last 10 years!!!!!

  • Lou

    Was at this gig, coming on at 10.25pm on a Wednesday night is a disgrace!

    When he did storm off, 5 mins later, someone from MCD, or whoever brought the idiots here, tried to sell the ‘We’re having technical difficulties’ story, they obviously thought very highly of the crowd if they thought they’d get away with that!

    We stayed till 11.15 and then the house lights came on, we went over to a security guard that suddenly appeared at the door directing people out and he said that the show was over. So we decided to head to make the last bus home rather than have to spend another 30eur getting a taxi home.

    If Axel gave a crap about his fans (which he never has) he’d know that one idiot throwing a bottle isn’t enough reason to give up and go home! Apart from the fact, he could only sing half the time and had to have backing singers help him along!

    Last time they’ll ever play in Ireland anyway.

  • Ceebs

    I’m sorry Paul but if you don’t have all the info then you shouldn’t be posting about it yet. The band walked off stage because a few drunk people decided it would be cool to throw bottles at the band. Would anyone really blame the band for walking off stage?

  • Patrick

    Yeah axl got hit with a bottle/part of a bottle, info via “modern communications”.

  • ian

    @ patrick *10

    thank you fine sir 🙂

  • mark robinson

    check the message board on for info on this show an reviews AFTER it finished

    dont listen to the idiots who left early!!!!!

  • Is He Struggling?

    @Patrick Conboy: I wasn’t there, but I’ve been following the gig on a couple of message boards. Looks like your sources are different to mine. I should also add that (according to my sources) the bottle throwers had already been warned…

  • Lou

    What we meant to do when the organiser tell you it’s over?!
    Stay until they kick us out?!

  • mark robinson


  • Frank

    The show is not over yet…all lies against guns n’ roses & axl rose

  • The show is still going on, so check your facts
    They are playing Madagascar right now

  • Paul

    Yeah items were thrown on stage by members of the crowd who were trying to protest at the fact that they were left waiting until 10.30 for an act to perform when the common knowledge about the venue is that there is a curfew at 11.00. It’s not to be condoned but axl needs to know we are not puppets on a string.

  • Ceebs

    Actually Lou, the shows promoter said the band would be back on which happened! Now all the people that are still at the show are watching a great gig and if anyone says 70% of the people left they are lying. I’ve seen pictures from the show taken every few songs or so that show a nearly packed arena.

  • Lou

    That’s crazy, what the hell did they tell people it was over for!

  • plonkball

    what a big baby axel is. comon a few plastic bottles thrown on stage. first off people had to wait 120 minutes for him to come on stage when he did there was alot of booing so he got pissed off. you would think this man of rock would be able to handle a few plastic bottles thrown onto the stage than run off like a little baby lol. according to the news the sound system was messed up and axel took his soundbox off his belt and threw it at one of the technicians and chased him out. then axel was getting into the signing and he stopped and said if one more bottle is thrown i’m leaving so one of the crowd threw a plastic bottle again and he stormed off. the houselights came on and most people were told thats it the gig is over so about 70% left pissed off and the gaurds came.

  • Ceebs

    Paul the band went on 1 hour after the opening act was finished! That’s usually how long it takes for the crew to set up for GNR after the opening act is finished.

  • @Is He Struggling: So your sources didn’t say they arrived on stage late and left after 20 minutes?

    I’m sure MCD will be issuing a press release in relation to the event in the morning with detailed info on what happened.

  • Lou

    The guy from MCD came out saying he’d try get him back on, 10 mins later, the lights came up and we were told so what could we do. They were directing people to the luas and all outside! We supposed to be mind readers that in another 10 mins he’ll finally decide to come back on!

  • plonkball

    sorry that was 90 minutes exactually my mistake. not 120 minutes.

  • Sarah

    I was there with my little sister. Couldn’t believe the shit that we got, they arrive late and then preform 4 songs only to walk out on their fans……..We left on principle. They lost two fans here tonight!

  • Shekky

    A lot of people left including us. I dont care we’re getting our money back. We are not mindless sheep bowing down to Axl Roses bullcrap. Make us pay 70 quid and expect us to wait in a crowd, sober up and then have a good time. Axl can suck my hairy bean bag

  • Ceebs

    this picture was taken at the show about 30 minutes or so ago (long after the band came back on stage). Does it look like 70% of the people left? Thought not.

  • Lou

    Blink 182 played last night, support act finished at 8.30, Blink were on at 9. I doubt their crew had much more to organise.

    Also, at 10.15, we heard from a guy that he was talking to some Gards outside and they had said he Axel only arrived 5 mins earlier!

  • Lou

    ye, it does actually, there were huge gaps along the sides and a lot of people had left the seated part!

  • plonkball

    axel was forced back on stage because if he didn’t go back on people would get a refund and axel knew this so he came back on when the majority of ex fans left so it was too late for anyone to re-enter as they were not allowed plus it was a shambles. guns and roses were great in their day but they are finished as of now. permenantly after that fiasco.

  • Is He Struggling?

    @Patrick Conboy: Yes they did, thank you very much. They also mentioned the cruical fact about the bottle throwing.

    @Everyone: How would you like it if people were throwing things at you whilst you were trying to do your jobs, then?

  • Lou

    If I came on 90 mins late, I’d loose my job!

  • mark robinson

    Chinese Democracy,
    Welcome To The Jungle,
    It’s So Easy,
    Mr. Brownstone,
    Live And Let Die,
    Rocket Queen,
    Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (James Bond Theme),
    This I Love,
    You Could Be Mine,
    Sweet Child O’ Mine,
    Dizzy Reed Piano Solo/Street Of Dreams,
    Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,
    November Rain,
    Bumblefoot Guitar Solo (Pink Panther)

    Encore: Madagascar,
    Dj Ashba Guitar Solo (Ballad Of Death)
    /Paradise City

    look what ye missed leavin early!!!!!

  • Shekky

    ceebs you are a complete clown. keep latching on to axls balls you knobhead

  • Lou

    For those who weren’t there and are giving out about what other people are saying that were actually there, why weren’t you there in the first place?!

  • @Is He Struggling: Good for them. I’ll wait for the official line in the morning, though. Can’t rely on reports from anonymous random people…

  • ian

    lou im sorry for your wasted money and time…but you weren’t going to see guns n’ roses anyway…just axl and a couple of fellas playin song from a legendary rock band that should be remembered for what they were!!! not remembered for that fool of a front-man

  • Shekky

    actually a lot of fairy’s here. You actually waited around after the lights came on for them to come back out and have the nerve to brag about it and be condescending to us peopl with self respect who fucked off.

    They came on at 10:30 more or less, shove it up yer arse

  • plonkball

    ok all i can say is that was the most garbage non-concert in history that happened tonight. he couldn’t sign as he was out of steam from jumping around so much. the worst discrace of a concert that has happened in the 02 imo. he let down most of his fans tonight thats for sure. what a baby so called hard man of rock runs off in a tantrum over a plastic bottle hitting the canvas it never hit him. bye bye axel you would not want to try to play in ireland again after that crap.

  • plonkball

    my two cents is this was a money making scam.

  • Logie

    You cannot treat fans like that. Turning up that late is a nono. Then on top of that to walk off stage with no reason is being a pure arsehole.What did Axel expect people to get a crystal ball out to determine whether he decides to play on or what. There should be a total refund. If you go out and get a bad meal and complain you wont be charged the same should apply here in this case. Axel neds to cop himself on personnally he can F*** Off for treating fans that way.

  • mark robinson


    all GNR gigs start around 10.30 you tool

  • I was there. Having been at slaine 18 (Christ) years ago I was looking forward to it. Left waiting 90 minutes for the band to come on was a joke. Booing was loud and harsh from about 10.15. He turned up 15 minutes later. This is 10.30pm and the main act just came on??!! The crowd was not happy. Yeah they booed and yeah someone threw beer on stage but Jesus he deserved it. Just before “welcome to the jungle” he threatened to leave. We got another 2 songs and then when he went to introduce the band either the booing or some beer got to him and he walked. After about 20mins I left. I know he came back but Friends that stayed had little good to say.

    A shame. I was looking forward to it. But he really took the piss.

  • Mack

    I wasn’t there saw them live a few years ago in RDS, been to the other lads gigs over time, Velvet revolver, Slash, Have a load of LP cd’s DVD’s MP3’s. I would have loved to gone to see them but… didn’t … My own fault…

    Question for those that stayed?
    Was it as bad as people are making it out to be…?
    Or was it just a good Laugh (Irish Style)

    Did they play well when they finally got around to playing.?

    Was there a riot ????? or is this a load of crap??

    Cheers lads.

  • plonkball

    take me down to the terrible city were the grass is dead and the concert is iffy oh won’t you please let me go o o o oh.

  • Dec

    Any man who thinks he is that much above people, especially the fans who put him where he is today, should be shot! Well, not shot but GnR fans around the world as well as radio stations etc should make sure that asshole never gets another cent in royalties, that his fans made for him, again!

  • Shekky

    mark robinson just keep on suckin axl roses crusty bell end

  • @Mack. Band were not bad IMO But the crowd were very against him at that stage. Mixing in his newer stuff was a bad idea considering the mood. He should of stayed with the classics for first set.

  • ian

    @ mack *45

    you seem to be missing the point…IT’S NOT GUNS N’’s just the asshole axl(great singer an’ all) and a couple of other dudes trying to imitate a legendery rock band…it will never be the same as the original!!!

  • plonkball

    i had to pitty the backup band at the start because they were playing so many songs waiting for fatboy to come on they were almost making songs up at this stage to hold off time for axel to make an appearance. but they were the show of the night not axel.

  • peeved

    Leavin early!!??
    I paid good money to see a band I thought might be professional enough to play the gig I paid for.
    They arrived on at 10.30 (90min late)- left after 20min and apparently decided to come back on 45 min later. I left at 11.20 when the lights were turned on.
    The people that left “early” may have jobs tomorrow or had to travel 40 miles to get home.
    MCD better pony up for that farce.

  • mark robinson


    crawl back under ye rock 😛


    this is GUNS N ROSES!!!!

    what you remember being guns n roses ISNT guns n roses!!!!

    theres plenty of room under shekkys rock for you!!!

  • Sarah

    Why should the rest of us be punished because a few eejits threw some plastic cups at him?! He’s suppose to be a rockstar not a ballerina!! As my sister said “the o2 wasn’t big enough for Axl’s ego!”.

  • brian

    axl was right the dub scum throwing bottles at him,still a great gig to be at

  • mark robinson

    everyone who was pissed off coz they didnt start till 10.30:

    what part of “all GNR gigs start around 10.30 or later” dont you understand????

  • Folks, can we all keep this civil please?

    Thank you.

  • Shekky

    Good man peeved keepin it real. Did ye hear that Mark Robinson twat ” Guns n Roses gigs start at 10:30 ” . Yeah doors open at 6:30 and they have 1 supporting act. I threw a coiuple of bottles after they walked off stage. Fuck em, I had relatives that travelled over 40 miles tonight. Axl Rose is a moron plain and simple

  • plonkball

    I think axel should just call it a day now with his music career he’s had it. but i will give the guy coodo’s as he was deadly in his day i liked him alot back then with slash and the lads kickass stuff, but it is time to call it a day imo. seen slash playing the other day and man he was good he never lost it and never will he’s just that good. shame it had to come to this that extra weight axel is carrying is not good when your jumping around on stage trying to sing some of the hard songs. i suppose it would be hard enough for anyone either way. ah well.

  • Conor McCaffrey

    Method Man doesn’t leave the stage when someone brings da Ruckus, plays on with his face covered in blood.

    Or maybe Axl could’ve gone the GG Allin route!

    Good job it was indoors – a pigeon could’ve had a shite on his head a la Kings of Leon

  • ian

    @ mark robinson

    your obviously about 12yo…so i dont count your comments as anything but stupid!!! hope you thought you got your money’s worth..actually i have a donkey running and stopping suddenly around a pen if you interested…it 70euro for entry but once he stop’s…well..i dont know if he’ll start again.Ill send you my bank details as you seem to be a bit of a mug!!!

  • Sandra

    i’m disgusted, just home in Wexford. we left when we were told to leave and told to contact mcd tomorrow for a refund. it’s very disappointing to think that we spent over €300 today to go to this concert for a couple of songs and a stinking attitude.
    in my opinion the man is an excentric and he doesn’t care about fans at all it’s only about axel rose and he proved that tonight.
    and whoever threw that last bottle is some gobshite, i really hope he/she is named and shamed!!!!

  • Danny

    i went to blink last night and they had nearly completed most of their set when GnR had started theirs !! its ridiculous axl shud man up and quit being such a primadonna !! and we had to travel nearly 100 miles to get there and then 100 to get home !! anyway its a GnR cover band with axl rose… !! Axl up yours ya ego-tistical jackass !!!

  • Shekky

    Theres just no talkin to Mark Robinson. He obviously has an Axl Rose poster on his ceiling , probabaly one in his bicycle shorts

  • mark robinson


    what you going to a GUNS N ROSES concert for if you need to be in bed for 11pm?

  • tano

    what is there axl PR on here makin out how great things were?
    i was there…in the Q outside from 4 o clock. Got up the front and after years of stickin up 4 axl, did everything i could to cut him a break. axl came on stage an hour and 20 mins after the support finished. he could not hear himself in his earpiece and threw a strop durin the first song. his tech tried to fix this and axl ended up throwing the box and the earpiece on the ground. what does axl expect tho, he didnt even do a soundcheck(fact)…people were quite alot of people got to drink alot more than they would have have as they waited for him to show up. in the second song axl stopped it to “warn” about bottles, and then royally fucked up the vocals and was singing the wrong part…im so annoyed about this gig because i waited around and well after the house lights came on we were told the show was over and all the doors were opened…there was definately not 70% left…

  • mark robinson

    Axl Rose poster on my ceiling ha ha……..seriously, how do you know that??? 😛

  • Puck

    Wasn’t there or anything but what’s with all this defending Axl shite? He comes out ridiculously late and then leaves after a few songs because some jackass throws a bottle or two at him? come on…

    I can understand being loyal to a band you’ve been a fan of for a long time but there’s a fine line between loyalty and being a mindless sheep. Axl isn’t some kind of God who doesn’t have to answer to the standards as every other entertainer. Jesus be professional for once in your career.

  • Logie

    If my future wife turned up an hour late at the alter on our wedding day I wouldnt be there. So Axel can fuck off how dare he treat his fans like that. Shame on him

  • mick

    i can get full refunds for gig as i work for mcd contact me at [moderated: not an official MCD contact email]

  • mark robinson



  • Shekky

    Robinson who said anything about being in bed for 11? Who? Point them out please. Oh you’re being retarded again

  • plonkball

    to be honest it looked like axel didn’t want to be there anyway by the looks of things. it looked like he was the one that wanted to go home before any trouble happened. easy pay day.

  • well i have been a fan since 88, seen them in slane when they where a real band an refused point blank to go to see the axl rose solo project, i would have prefered to see the tribute band on the liffy to be honest. Weather he came back on stage or not is not really the issue here, he as 90 minutes late and came on half and hour before what everone knows is the venue curfew at 11.
    Now the fact that they finished the set and played untill 12:55 can be seen as cool, or can be seen as coving his ass for the contract. i personally think it was the contract, Axl has stated in many many statments about the new GNR that all he want to do is keep alive what guns was all about, well guns where never about ripping off the fans, making them wait and running away like a little bitch because someone boo’s or chucks a bottle that don’t hit no one. Is it any wonder the origional members, including his childhood friend izzy couldn’t handle it anymore.. The guy is a Diva, this and what happend at reading just prove one thing, Guns-N-Roese and what they “Stand for” are dead, thanks to the guy who thinks he is saving it. RIP the best band ever.

  • @mark. I think we would of stayed till 3am if the gig was good and didn’t leave us standing for 90 mins waiting. In slaine they started at 9pm. Do you remember that or were you working on toilet training.

  • philip

    22:24: intro starts
    22:28: axl shows up

    interupts what was a fantastic start to the gig with a typical threat to ‘go home’ because of 3 (?) plastic cups being thrown onstage

    axl mimed most of the last song, (from chinese democracy), with lead vocals taken over by keyboard player to the right of the drummer.

    Axl begins to introduce excellent but unfortunately posturing guitarist to a chorus of boos from a minority of the audience
    22:47: axl and band exit

    various o2 staff members state gig is over, remuneration arrangements similar to
    “barbabra streisand concert”

    majority of crowd exit as said majority who afforded €75 for the ‘gig’ have jobs to go to on THURSDAY MORNING!

    question: does axl rose know the meaning of the word ‘Patience’, cos he sure isn’t a great judge of how much patience people have to afford for this histrionic nonsense!

    Speaking for myself, I went to see a ROCK GIG!, that includes, without any exceptions, the flinging of beer and the honest expression of disdain for any posing or bull! play the damn tunes and make a simple, great night of it!


  • tano

    mark robinson who the hell are you and who do u work 4? dont tell me they weren’t late when they were and dont tell me what goes in to setting up a stage cause i know…

  • plonkball

    quote: mark robinson.

    what utter bullshit.

  • ian

    fair deuce to you mick @70

    at last someone with decency to repay the people for this farce!!!

  • mark robinson

    Shekky your the one whinging like a little girl “they didnt come on till 10.30! a rock concert……starting at 10.30 how dare they!!!!”

    cmon get a grip

  • Sarah

    @ Puck:

    Here here, spot on!

  • collie

    die hard fans may be blinded by loyality to axl but you cannot justify the farce that happend tonight, a total discrace, its a rock gig bottles will be thrown (esp if your 90 mins late) for christ sake slash was attacted on stag and still played on this year!

    axl needs to cop on and we need refunds.

  • mark robinson

    so let me get this right? its OK to throw bottles at a band who have travelled across the world to play a gig for you but its not ok to start a rock concert at 10.30?????

  • grubasyk

    the night was the disaster. me, wife and two friends of us just walked out after 11pm because there wa no connection between GNR artists and public. The tense of waiting did not let us to enjoy music show and most of all: why should you walk off stage if few drunks throwed some drinks on you?? there was a REASON for that. You kept us waing and there was no information on why the hold off and solist did not even APOLOGISED for keeping us waiting! No regret that show came back on after we left.
    GNR forgot that they become famous because of fans, and tonight was a spitting in our face from them

  • Logie

    Grow up Mark its past your bedtime

  • Shekky

    Robinson , Oh get a grip, whingin like a little girl, Fook off

    Guns n Roses is mild enough stuff. I go to gigs, have a few drinks and the bands come on in or around the time they are supposed to. These phuckers, Axl in particluar havin the cheek to be the big rock star diva and make us wait around and put in a half assed performance, a joke.

  • mark robinson

    the reviews of the show have already started coming in an guess what………………………yep, it was a success!!!

    they were excellent an in good spirit after the idiots quit stalling the ON-TIME SHOW (i say on time because poeple who say they were 90 mins late seem to have broken watches as the support act were still on at 9pm then came the 1 hour or so set change)

  • Dr&Mrs B Reynolds

    For all those disappointed people (xfans) tonight.What an utter disgrace gun’n Roses were last night.
    Let’s see my husband organies a med locum to cover tommorrow and a babysitter and dog sitter sorted as this is going to be such a un forgetablke night.Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons!
    Let’s make this short we have arrived home to my folks at ten to one in the morning!Good night?Well let’s say we waited til 1115 for the band to come on for 15 perhaps 20 mins maxium .Oh then we were told that by staff to apply on line to mcd productions for a refund.
    Just getting on the Luas for 1145 we hear the band just beginning to get back on stage.ON the Luas Yes I think so.How could anyone treat their audience so poorley.What an utter disappointment.Two men beside us brought their ten yr old son’s to see their idols boy were they dissappointerd after coming as far a distance as ourselves.
    Well I can safely say that we completly wasted a perfectly good two days on complete an utter b……t!
    I do hope word spreads throughout Europe and people get the refund they deserve.Axel Rose is not NOT Gun’s N Roses!
    Signed an X fan!and not so happy husband!

  • Ed

    @ Mark Robinson

    I have been to see the giants of Rock over the past 15 years and I know older folks who have been going to rock concerts since the 60s and 70s. I’ve seen AcDc, Metallica, Megadeth, Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, The Police, Billy Joel, Slayer, Neil Young, CSN, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney etc etc etc… 100s of gigs.

    I have never been to a gig where the headline act was over 90 mins late? Sure I have been to gigs where a band cam on at 10.30, even later, at festivals. Never have I been left waiting THAT long for a band to come on. The most is probably about half an hour, and always followed by an apology from whoever was playing.

    Whatever about people throwing bottles… it’s not on. But making people stand around for over an hour or more is a disgrace.

  • plonkball

    actually that is correct. no one was told what the delay was no one knew. 90 minutes is unacceptable to wait for the band to start. 75 euro for that mess gosh. well most people will get refunded thats for sure. for anyone looking for a refund do not waste your time doing nothing just call the office tomorrow or go in and demand it. but i will be sure you will be waiting in a long que more than 90 minutes to get your refund.

  • mark robinson

    that place looks pretty full to me!!!!!

  • Shekky

    Mark Robinson must be an emplyoyee of sorts of Axl Rose. I’ll let the rest of you make up some job titles for him

  • Ed

    @ Mark Robinson

    Also, in no way should it take an hour to set up the stage for GnR. All the main setup in done before hand, structural things and such. Anything else that’s left til after the supports acts is only every discretionary things such as backgrounds etc…

  • ian

    this whole debate is makin me pissed off..robinson your a fool..and the rest of you seem intelligent enough to know when you’ve been ripped off..i hope you all get a refund and m.c.d can hopefully go they also rip fans off in a different way(along with ticketmaster and their ridiculous booking fee)..hopefully one day ireland will have a top promoter to give the fans of music a true good experience AND value for money!!! im of luck to you all!!! HAIL (TRUE) rock and metal!!!

  • mark robinson

    hay did Axl come out an tell you guys to go? no!!! i think yall should be pissed at the promoter!!!!!

    if anything, folk should know Axl has the tendancy to see his arse when bottles or shit is thrown at the band!!! if you didnt know that you shold really have been stayin at home watchin xfactor or something

  • plonkball

    bah….he walked off stage not the fans so he is an asshole.

  • Ed

    For anybody that stayed, I hope you had a great time, I really do.

    But not everybody is able to stay out that late, whether it be due to work/parenting commitments, or being underage (Mark’s 7pm curfew probably kept him away altogether).

    Bruce Springsteen extended is set in the RDS by another hour.
    Things is though he started on time. So if people had to leave before he finished at least they got to see most of his show.

  • Axl

    Mark when you’re done here I want you to trim my pubes.

  • plonkball

    goodnight there is no more point in wasting anymore energy talking about this as it was a joke/ballsup/retarded/plain waste of money and time. thank the strobes it’s all over.

  • mark robinson

    i think 5 GNR shows this year is enough for me without having to travel abroad to ireland thanks

  • mark robinson

    ha Axl your funny!!!

    now get te bed you got school in the mornin!!!!

  • EX Fan

    Took my 10yr old son to see this as his first concert. He’s been listening to their album for week. He cried until he fell asleep on the hour long drive home. I’m so angry!!!!!

  • Folks, once again… can we refrain from personal insults and keep this conversation cvil and constructive?

  • Mick k

    Mark robinson you f..king arsehole! Leave it at that!

  • axl


  • Axl

    hey mark lets just keep our heads down and get the fuck out of dodge, ill speak to you in the mornin…u did ur best

  • Brian

    I drove by the venue at about 9 – I thought that G’n’R had an unusually high number of smoking fans, now I know why!

    @ian You can’t blame the promoter if the artist behaves as reports say. It’s also the artist who sets the price for gigs or at least rubber stamps the ticket price. Let’s face the promoter, the ticket agent and the venue all delivered it’s the artist that was lacking. Stunned that he came on at 10:30. The curfew for bands playing the venue is usually 10:30 sometimes stretched towards 11.

    Axl might want to get on the blower to Prince. I’d say there’s a few unchilled cats in town tonight.

  • EX FAN

    Took my 10yr old son to this as his first concert. He’s been listening to them for months. He cried until he fell asleep on the hour long drive home. I’m so angry!!!!

  • frannyd

    axl rose is a fucking dickhead, i always had alot of time 4him b4 2nite, he walked off as only he could after a few fucking boo’s n bottles after been an hour and a half late, wht d fuck did d big baby xpect????????????? like thousands i left when the lights came on which obviously ment he wasn’t coming back on but as i was about 2get on d luas a roar came that they were back on and of course axl been the big fucking kid stood in d same spot 4 two hours huffing while d rest of d band were fantastic i thought.fair fucks 2d rest of gn’r, use were great unlike d fucking fat fuck holding himself up with d microphone.

  • Pako

    What a shame.. saw them in 2006 there was no antics just good playing and singing.. was thinking of driving 130 miles to go to this and back for work in the morning.. thank F*ck I didn’t!
    Will be interesting to hear the press release and comments on the radio in the morning.. if they had any cop on GNR should re-schedule another gig for ticket holders and don’t tarnish the whole audience as plastic bottle throwers.

    watch Axl’s twitter could be interesting..

  • mark robinson

    yeah im an arsehole for defending a band who are being ridiculed for turnin up (all be it a little late) then trying to get the show goin but had to stop coz some “fuck head” starts throwing fuckin bottles at them, then for some silly reason the promoter jumps the gun an tells everyone the shows over when it clearly wasnt!!! poeple leave, the band come back out to find the bottle throwing has stopped so they go ahead an play a show that everyone who laft would have enjoyed!!!!

    whos fault is it? Axls? the fans who left?the promoters? no! the idiots throwin shit at the stage!!!!!!

    now lets hear everyone defend them!!!!!! coz i know ye goin to!!!!

  • Axl

    Mark, I told you not to talk when your mouth is full.

  • mark robinson

    well done funny^^^^^^

  • Flippity

    Are you actually being serious?

    All G’n’R shows start at 10:30?
    Are you actually being serious?

    The Point/O2 venue curfew is normally 11pm, as most punters have to walk back to the city centre, for the last bus or train home.
    As many have pointed out, Blink 182 were able to start and finish at reasonable times.
    We may never find out if MCD’s contract for the night specified show times, but it’s a midweek show, not a Saturday night.

    It takes an hour to turnaround between the support act and the headliner?
    Are you actually being serious?

    It can take hours (or even days) to build up and check a complex stage set, from scratch. Then when that’s done, the support act(s) get to use the space at the front, where the headliner’s lead singer will be prancing around later. So the support act’s equipment never gets in the way, unless it’s a much smaller venue.
    Most productions will soundcheck the main act first, then the other acts in reverse order. This helps with clearing the stage, last in first out.

    A good crew will be able to turnaround between performing acts in 20 minutes or less, in all conditions and all weather short of a direct lightning strike to the stage.
    And those ticket prices would make me expect more than just a ‘good’ technical crew. Looks like Axl was the one being unprofessional.

  • mark robinson

    10.30!!!! serious!!!!!

    do some research into it!!!!!!

    just look up a couple of GNR sites an youll see!!!!!

  • t-dawg

    Even after they came back on after about a 40 minute period of confusion for the audience, Axl just stood there and did the bare minimum, he didnt talk to the crowd, he never apologised for being late and you could see him going mad at roadies and the drummer onstage. Very unprofessional.

    This seems to happen him a lot, you would think he’d have figure out a better way to deal with people throwin stuff at him. Les claypool for example would make a fool out of whoever did it and carry on like a pro, not a whiny bitch.

  • Brian

    @flippity I’d imagine the show times in the MCD contract would be pretty standard and set by the venue and there’s no reason that the G’n’R should be a late show. Seemed to be a reasonable attendance judging by the number of cars parked in the area.

  • @Mark Robinson: How much do you actually know about curfews in Irish music venues?

    You’re trolling at this stage.

  • mark robinson


    this is GUNS N ROSES!!!!

  • A few of us heard Tommy Stinson arguing with the band’s road manager, Del James, after the show. He was livid and blamed Axl for the whole thing and accused him of placing them in harm’s way by leaving the stage unannounced.

    In case anybody is unaware of the context, there were 2 riots in the US and Canada back in O2 when the band cancelled shows unannounced. It’s a good thing Irish people seem to expect to be disappointed, otherwise there could have been trouble this time.

    Also, Mark, GNR took the stage early last night in Belfast, and were bang on time (8pm) when they last played Dublin.

  • Of course it is. Silly me. It’s a wonder the president didn’t greet Axl Rose personally at immigration.

  • mark robinson

    i apologise to anyone iv insulted!!!!

    my point from the beginning was GNR rarely start a show before 10.30,just like tonight!!!!

    throwin bottles at a band is unacceptable (an for your information they were botlles of piss)!!!!

    Axl Rose has been no different tonight to what hes been for the last 20 years an that made him what he is today, the last TRUE ROCK LEGEND!!!!



  • KBP

    No one yet to mention Axel Rose yelling abuse at people outside after he walked off stage and they were leaving.

    Was a sham of a gig really. Hope he never comes back here!

  • Report updated with video…

  • Flippity

    I’d say it’s pretty standard too. And after the curfews at Leeds and Reading, every promoter who was about to put G’n’R on was probably double checking their contracts, venue curfews, staff overtime, late fines, etc.

    There was a phone-in report to the FM104 talk show that Axl was outside behind some railings during the ‘intermission’, screaming abuse at fans who were walking away from the venue. I hope someone got video of that!

  • Disgruntled Goat

    I blame MCD as much as I do Axl, it was plain as day he didn’t wanna be there when he came back out. Stood around like a child while the band (who seemed like decent blokes) did all the work. So it was really just a case of MCD not wanting to give out any refunds.. and getting that piece of shit to play ball.. on his own terms of course.

    So yeah, they played 20 tracks. But i’ve never been to a gig with such a mute atmosphere. The crowd should really have made their feelings known when they eventually came back on (30 mins waiting on top of the 90 before the gig)

    It was a disgrace.

    The only way i could enjoy the music was by closing my eyes so I couldn’t see the ageing shithead.. who has a Gerry Ryan-esque double chin!

    And what was the deal with him running off stage every few minutes.. i’m guessing it was the aul oxygen tent? 😛

    MCD should be ashamed of themselves if they don’t offer some sort of refund to the people who paid for tickets.

  • chopper

    mark robinson i was at the gig and im one of the tools your talkin about why dont you just shout your mouth before i put my foot in it you fucking hero i spent good money on the concert just as everyone else did i did not think axl would come back on stage after waiting 30 mins but i dont need your bullshit to remind me
    yeah gnr was the greatest band in the world once open a time but now axl can either bring on cd 2 or just go back into hiding and before you ask i had the demos in 1999 and i also had the song of end of days so dont try to preach me
    fuch your apologie

  • Dreadlocks

    I clocked them on at 10:37 to a very drunk and annoyed crowd after a painful wait from 7 or so as the support were crap and no one knew who they were… even the merch guys….
    we were trying to get settled into the crowd who were initially booing and then just got on with it and all of a sudden it stopped… Axl said something in a givey outy tone which was not appreciated by the crowd, then said another bottle and we are gone and someone threw another bottle so they went…
    I heard that friends of mine went up to security/o2 workers and were told sure it looks like its all over and another worker said yes the house lights are on its over….
    we stayed even though we were very tired and very aware that the majority of people there were incredibly angry and upset it was not an enjoyable crowd to be in, in fact it was quite scary the feeling was like it was going to kick off at any minute and Guards started appearing…
    they came back on just about twelve and played till one or there about’s
    It was very upsetting that friends had to leave to relieve babysitters and get very upset kids home and away from a very hostile atmosphere that if you ask me was completely created by Axl “I’m going to stand on the stage with a pouty face and sing but that’s it” Rose
    after they came back out the band were incredibly active and tried to make up for his lack of enthusiasm, energy and interest by getting all over the stage and really hamming it up for the crowd but the guitarist should loose the Slash persona its extremely fake anyway that’s my encounter

  • Daveh

    Slane – 1992 – Faith No More finish their set. 2½ hours later, Guns N Roses take to the stage and meander through a fairly lame set.

    Milton Keynes – 1993 – The Cult finish their set. ½ hour later, Guns N Roses (including Izzy Stradlin) take to the stage and cut a blistering set. No messing, no string section, no horn section, just blistering rock n roll.

    Read all the reviews you can about late-shows/walk-offs in Canada, the US and as recently as Reading last week. There’s history there. You take your chances with this moron.

    Reading the set list posted here earlier

    Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (James Bond Theme),
    Bumblefoot Guitar Solo (Pink Panther)
    Dj Ashba Guitar Solo (Ballad Of Death)

    3 guitarists who are not Slash/Izzy (even Gilby is way better than these twats).

    Plain and simple, this current charade is NOT Guns N Roses. It’s an “Axl Does GNR Karaoke” world tour.

    And if you paid money to go to a gig to see 2 bands (one who nobody has heard of) which started at, what, 8pm, and didn’t “finish” until 1am, you’re a worse fool. Those bleating about taking an hour to set up a stage after a support act, see last year’s Def Leppard/Whitesnake/Journey/Tesla gig. Started at 5:30pm. Finished at 11:45pm. 6¼ hours total time: Def Leppard played for 2 hours, Whitesnake 1½ hours, Journey 1 hour and Tesla 45 mins: 5¼ hours playing time = 1 hour set up time IN TOTAL for four bands.

    1 hour to set up a GNR stage after a support act my arse!

  • Broken Throat

    @ Mark Robson….

    Mark you’re a tool who seems to love Axl for his past work and are blinded by the shit that simply doesn’t wash with sane fans (and ex at this stage). In anyway the point I want to make is that there is NO start time for a Dublin concert after 9:00 / 9:30 went to Faith No More last year in the Olympia and this was shut down at 11:00 by the Gardai (were allowed do one encore song by the law do finished 11:05) midweek gigs have to finish at 11:00. if in your opinion Guns were supposed to start at 10:30 MCD would have had to sell the tickets with a clear warning.

  • Im sorry to have to say this, but GNR’s fans defense of their band gets more pathetic by the day. If this was any less legendary band the behavior would rightly be seen as utterly unacceptable, and that’s exactly what it is.

    Plenty of bands have been hit by bottles before and managed to play a set despite it, sure a few havent, but they didnt also fuck around at several of their previous shows. Axl doesn’t deserve the time of day, I hope that this form continues, fans wise up and people stop paying to see him. I loved GnR, but there’s no way Id pay to see Axl’s glorified cover band, and even if they had the proper line up, I wouldnt pay to see this well publicized shambles. What a total tool.

    Blaming MCD is seriously low, they lay on a lot of shows very successfully. I dont think you can seriously question their organizational skills, regardless of what you think of their other policies.

  • TV3


    TV3 News would like to talk to any of you who were at last night’s concert, to try and get a picture of what happened.

    If you’d like to talk to us, please post contact details or get in touch – 01 4193344 or

    TV3 News

  • Peg

    I was at the concert through by brother who works security for Axel and he did leave the venue he was in the mini van and by bro had to talk he around he then got nasty and was lashing out at people so my bro sorted him out with a slap now my bro is after getting him pay slip and left he is a nutter Axel rose has had his day after that display im a fan so im not putting Guns & Roses down but this is what happened people should be given there money back as they paid for a service and didnt get it be like going into Mcdonald and ordering a big mac meal and your one saying that she will drop it down ad never did you be entitled to a full refund

  • Didnt bother to read all the comments.

    Im a big fan.

    Just not any more.

    Bring back Green Day. 😉

  • smc

    Ok……for all you gimps that seem to like sucking Axl’s knob. Here are the facts, I was there for the whole thing.

    There were due on stage at 9pm as there is a curfew til 11pm, and don’t give me this bulls*$t about GNR gigs not started til 10.30. If you want to start at 10.30, then state that up front.
    He played the RDS a few years back and started on time at about 8pm, no harm done.

    He arrives on stage at 10.25, at this stage alot of the crowd were seriously pissed off, for example , I was there with 3 other people who travelled 130miles and took a half day from work. Some of who just about are holding onto their jobs. I m sure a lot of others did the the same.

    The started with Chinese Democracy, sound was brutal for the vocals. That’s what sound checks are for, he obviously didn’t bother his hole to do one.

    A few plastic bottles ( 2 if I m not mistaken ) were thrown at the stage.

    He stopped the band during the intro to the second song Welcome to the Jungle when a bottle of water was thrown on stage.

    “Here’s the deal, one more bottle, we go home,” he told the crowd. “We want to stay. If you don’t want to have fun just let us know. We’ll be on our way.”

    Another bottle was thrown as guitarist Richard Fortus was about to start a solo and took his band off stage to a chorus of boos. Guns N’ Roses had been on stage for 22 minutes.

    Frantic efforts were made to get him back. A woman came out on stage and was booed when she said they were experiencing “technical difficulties”. Yeah right, with Axl’s f*%king head

    MCD promoter Denis Desmond came on stage and asked the crowd for patience. Patience me hole, we were waiting long enough at this stage

    “We’re trying hard to get Axl to come back on stage. I’m trying hard to get Axl to come back on stage. I’d ask you please to refrain from throwing items at him. I promise a great show, but you have to calm. I’m sorry about that,” he said.

    That translates to , “We have shown Axl the contract, if he doesn’t come back out, we will sue his ass”

    It says alot when the MCD promoter was there, this is not the case for other gigs, he obviously knew the sh*t could hit the fan.

    After short interval, the lights came on and thousands of fans left the arena.
    Don’t know who’s bright idea this was but they obviously he wasn’t coming back.

    To the surprise of remaining fans, the band appeared back on stage at about 11.30 complete their set. As they started back, the bass player took the mic off Axl and told the booing crowd

    “Listen guys, we were here before a few years back and had a great gig (RDS), don’t ruin that memory for us”

    What??. You want an apology? That was good because you were on time.

    The band played until 12.52am by which stage more fans had left and continued to leave while the band played on.

    Contrary to what others said, I reckon about 30% of the crowd left.

    To their credit , the band were good and tried to enjoy themselves. Axl was a dic, he sulked like a spoilt child not getting his way. It was like he was waiting for an apology. He ruined the night for everyone else.

    As a long time Axl/GNR fan, I’ve washed my hands of him.

    He can go and f*%k himself for all I care

  • Elaine R

    I have to say I’m not surprised. If anyone has read Slashes autobiography Axl has always been like that, it was one of the reason’s Slash left the group. I can’t believe after all these years in the business he still gets so shocked that people are annoyed when he’s late on stage.

    I’m surprised anywhere books him anymore, since so many stadiums have been trashed by disgruntled fan’s. So glad I went to see Slash in Vicar Street rather than Axl and his ego in concert for 5 minutes !

  • chopper
    footage of what went on at o2 last night

  • Brian

    Official statement up on “The artist was prevented from leaving the building”. I’d say that would have been a sight to see. No mention of refunds.

  • TurrikaN

    Was thinking about heading up to this gig (a 200 mile round-trip with work today) and I’m glad I didn’t. But it wouldn’t it have been fantastically ballsy if he opened the show (90mins late) with Patience!
    Did he change the lyrics to Mr. Brownstone?
    “The show usually starts around seven, We go on stage around nine”

  • Full MCD statement, for those who are interested:

    Despite every effort being made by promoters to ensure Guns N’ Roses would go on stage on time, they went on at 22.26hrs having been due to be on stage at 21.45hrs, support artist finished at 21:00hrs.

    During the second song Axl requested members of crowd who were throwing plastic glass’s containing unknown substances to immediately stop or he would have no option but to leave the stage. He confirmed band’s wish to perform stating “we want to more bottle and we go home”. Despite his continued appeals, having tried to continue performing for 22 minutes,
    people continued throwing unknown substances leaving artist with no choice but to leave the stage.

    From the stage MCD Promoter Denis Desmond again appealed to audience to refrain from throwing items and stated that the band would be back on stage shortly.

    The artist was prevented from leaving the venue by the Promoter and following backstage discussions Guns N’ Roses went back on stage at 23.20 hrs and performed their full set until 00.53 hrs.

    While the artist has a long history for being late on stage (Slane 1992 – crowd waiting 2 hours and last weekend’s UK Reading festival), NO artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them. However, despite this the band went back on stage after people stopped throwing items performing their full set of songs in full.

    MCD and The 02 wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused due to late running of the show.

  • Mario

    Hi, i think that it’s not right to throw bottles, why security don’t try to catch these kind of gentlemen out of venue when something like that happens?It’s not hard to do that…i will see them in Rome, i am sure don’t go to happen something like that…if does i will catch who throw bottles and i will give to Axl for the dinner …

  • Just to be clear, I dont think any of the people slating Axl on here are condoning throwing bottles, but he does bring it on himself with his consistently awful treatment of his fans, really, doesn’t he?? It’s not right, but given the guys attitude, there’s always going to be one or two idiots.

  • Disgruntled Goat

    The MCD statement is absolute bullshit. Unknown substances!
    No mention of a refund surprise surprise.

    I honestly didn’t hear Denis Desmond warn the crowd about bottles.. what bottles? the only thing thrown up were cheap plastic cups which just about made it to the stage.

    Last night was a farce, i’m just as angry about it today.

    Joe Duffy ahould be interesting this afternoon..

  • Flippity

    @KBP 123
    I started writing 125 just before you posted 123 – I’d like to see video of that outburst.

    I wasn’t at the gig (despite being a fan of the old G’n’R) because I don’t have that kind of money to risk on Axl’s new band. I was flipping through radio stations: PhantomFM (part owned by MCD, with their studio near to the O2 venue) gave it no coverage at the time. They have their own news desk, but it’s daytime only: they switch to INN news in the evenings.

    FM104 probably missed out on a lot of useful phone-in info due to their presenter’s talent for talking over callers before they have finished, but they have to keep it balanced and keep moving on to the next caller.

    One point that did get through, was that people had been told the car park would be locked after official closing time, and there would be an overnight parking fee for anyone who didn’t get out in time.

    Most public transport in Dublin stops at 11:30pm – there are no midweek Nitelinks, and no special late service for any concerts or sporting events that happen midweek. LUAS may have been running later, but that’s just one line and it may not have been running late from the O2 all the way to Tallaght.

    So a lot of the people who left ‘early’ when the house lights came back on were either depending on public transport (and couldn’t afford a taxi), or worried about getting out of the car park.

    MCD and the venue really dropped the ball here: given Axl’s reputation, they could have arranged in advance for the car parks to stay open as late as needed, and made it clear to everyone parking that they could stay until after the gig was over, with no overnight parking penalty.

    Phantom News recently (12.30) mentioned the G’n’R fiasco, but they mostly read out from the official MCD statement. They played a clip of Axl’s “go home” speech, and had another clip from a fan who was at the gig (and didn’t seem too unhappy).

  • mully


    All the bullshit thats been going on with them last week and you morons think he’ll be fine with getting pelted with bottles lol

    Of course they walked off in a huff

    what did you expect?

    Not very rock n roll of the early leavers now is it.

  • Not very rock and roll of the early leavers? What? You think it’s rock n roll to stand around waiting for a band, watch them play for 20 minutes and then stand around waiting for them again when their past record suggest they’re not coming back?? Yeah, letting some arrogant, self-absorbed fool who wrote some great songs more than a decade ago mess you around after you’ve paid 70 Euro for the privilege, that’d be right in the rebellious rock n roll spirit…

  • mully

    That self absorbed fool as you say just got 70 bucks off you, your the one paying to see him. You could have stuck around..but ye went home

    I on the other hand saw them at Slane in 89 and everyone pelted them with cardboard coke cartons, we where obviously a tad more intelligent as we would have expected ANYONE to walk off getting bottles and cans lashed at them.

    Kids today, ejits

  • Actually Mully, not only did he not get 70 bucks off me, I chose not to apply for a press pass through another publication (which would have been free) and went to Shebeen Chic instead. That’s how much I was expecting this, but it doesnt mean I dont think its an interesting debate, and I happen to think those who walked out – given the normal 11pm curfew – cant really be blamed.

    I thought the guy was a tool before this, it’s just reaffirmed my opinion. I just don’t see what ‘being rock and roll’ has to do with waiting around like a lapdog. You seem to equate the two.

  • FYI: The majority of people who left early were apparently told to leave by security who were under the impression the show was over.

  • mully

    I was under the impression the show went on?

    You should never listen to security, even If people are running around on fire jumping out of windows they will be wrong, but anyone going to a gig knows this??

    So let me get this straight, you had the chance of going for free but didnt, always thought he was a tool but paid in anyway??

    The rocknroll Mr Hendicott was directed at the fans leaving early but If you had to catch your last bus home or had to be up early for work then I get it….not very rockin an a rollin my friend now is it.

    By the looks of the videos I’ve seen, a young audience so that explains the whining.


    I’m not even a fan(anymore) but the crying from you lot is hilarious

  • “You should never listen to security, even If people are running around on fire jumping out of windows they will be wrong, but anyone going to a gig knows this??”

    Remind me again why they’re there?

  • No, I dont know how I can make this clearer : I DID NOT GO. I had the chance to go for free BUT DID NOT GO because I think Axl’s a tool, and never want to see his shambolic excuse for a band again. This has proved it, like it needed more proof. It makes perfect sense. I even told you which other venue in Dublin I went to instead.

    I have no interest in being ‘rock n roll’, I like what I like and couldnt care less whether that make me ‘rock n roll’ or not. I just thought it was stupid thing to say, so I called you on it.

    It’s very simple, mully: people have lives and don’t revolve them around one show. Your argument seems to be that all these people who came up from around the country (or happen not to live in central Dublin) have no right to complain, then? Public transport runs to fit the curfew. It’s really simple, what is there not to understand?? IF I had gone I’d be complaining too; it’s the most basic contractual obligation to play when you’re booked to play, and it’s one these ejits (and we can be pretty sure it’s only one of them who causes it) routinely ignore. The reason it bothers me so much, since you seem so interested, is that they nearly got one of my favorite festivals permanently shut down a few years back by doing the same thing, and it’s so disrespectful it’s untrue.

    As for listening to security, yes I do listen to them, they’re there for your safety. Maybe that makes me ‘not rock n roll’. Boo fucking hoo.

  • mully

    Well in my experience to be a giant pain in the rectum. Why are they there, well now thats a good question, to point you in the direction of the toilet, now thats always handy isnt it. They should change their names to Toilet pointers.

  • Mully, that’s enough trolling now!

    Thank you.

  • mully

    Oh you didnt go, my apologies. What are you moaning for then.


    Will stop trolling now sir.

  • Everyone’s entitled to their opinion on the matter.

    As for moaning, all I see are comments from people who have valid grievances with GN’R’s performance. Just because a band have a “history” of tardiness doesn’t make it acceptable or right.

  • I explained why this interests me in the last post mully.

  • Nic

    I say take a cue from the ‘Good ole boys’ of the Blues Brothers Movie ….i.e. Chicken Wire…no bottles can get thru to stage…

  • Big Girls Blouse

    I couldn’t believe it when Axl and his band of Rock&Rollers walked of a stage, just because the whole crowd were booing and throwing things.. I mean come on!!!

  • mully

    I’m sure it wont be the last gig where people leave disappointed or miss their bus. Life goes on. I’m sure people who came up from the country bloody well stayed put. The gig went on though didnt it? the people who are complaining rightly or wrongly are the ones that left, I’ve no sympathy for them at all.

    MCD (are they muppets? the technical difficulties comments was that of a serious muppet),

    GnR, prize muppets. Really it was the Muppet show in full effect last night and I for one find it all very amusing.

    so once again..


  • smc

    Talking of muppets…………..did anyone thing the singer from the support band was from another planet? Now he was amusing.

    What are you on about? You said…

    “Not very rock n roll of the early leavers now is it.”

    I say……”Not very rock in roll to walk off the stage after a few plastic bottles were thrown, none of which hit any band member…………he was a pussy for walking off”

    And by the way, they weren’t pelted with them… more than a handful were thrown, must of which were at the MCD people. And no, I don’t condone the actions of a the dicks that threw them….but I don’t condone Axl’s actions either.

  • mully

    I agree smc. Zero rocknroll at that gig last night by the sounds of it.

  • Big Vig

    I hear you smc,Axl rose is a complete toss bucket,bad eneough the long wait but to come on after that and not even have the sound sorted,his vocal could not be heard for the first 20 mins and he made a mess of welcome to the jungle he was on the chorus and the band were on the verse…total mess.

    Rock n roll my arse,his rock n roll days are well and truly over he is as bad as the suits who run the record companies,all they do is charge top lolly and shit on the fans.

    The band (not including axl) deserve a pat on the back for trying to drive the gig in the second half,they gave it as much as they could but axl stood there like a child sulking til the very end dragging the whole thing down.

    These gigs are just quick money making scams to line axls fat pockets,and as a result he deserves to have his newly found fat arse kicked all the way home!

    Axl live at the ritz 1988:rock legend
    Axl O2 2010 Over weight out of date money grabbing wanker!

  • Cian

    This is the most biased thing ive read yet!
    ok fair enough he came on late but every guns n roses knows what axl is like!
    Axl didnt have to stand there and be a target for bottles the whole night! He warned the crowd.. they didnt listen!


  • Anna

    He just had to tell sorry first for the delay, etc and this would never happened paid 155 for tickets ans some drinks 100, waste of money, feeling sorry for the all guys who has to stand him in the group. He had drug and alcohol addict face,

    Axel just take a look in the mirrow and realize you fame is gone…..


  • Big Vig

    Too right a quick apology may have cooled the over heated crowd but no instead we got shit sound and fat head addressing the crowd like a school principal giving out to kids in the school yard.

    I hope the entire country remembers this one next time he comes looking for €78 for a ticket to see him play in the field down the road.

  • mr mckey


  • sillybegger

    my husband and I attended the concert having traveled from Cardiff. We were right at the front,and to be honest there were about twenty or so people who were very drunk and abusive from the time the support band came on, by the time Axl came on they were already throwing bottles fighting and generally spoiling it for the rest of us, Security were useless didn’t have the balls to go in the crowd and sort it out, instead they were more concerned with stopping people taking photos and flirting with the young girls.
    With regards to the late start if your a GNR fan then you wouldn’t of been surprised,and they were messing around with the set and the pyrotechnics for about an hour,Axl came on to alot of jeering from a small minority,and then bottles started to be thrown.Can’t say I blame him for walking off,could he of handled it better Yes but then he has always been the same so no one should of been surprised. When he came back on it was obvious he didn’t want to be there,but the others did a great job especially DJ Ashba.
    During the second part of the concert their continued to be a small minority who were intent on causing trouble.
    Personally I would go to another concert as I feel it was the small minority of drunk youngsters that spoilt the evening and Axl was just being Axl trouble is alot of people there weren’t Axl fans and you only go to see GNR now if your an Axl fan as its not the old band in any shape or form, although that said the band did do a great job and are very talented in their own right.

  • WangBang

    Sillybegger- that was very well put. I was there myself and thats exactly how it was…..Rock on GNR and Axls crazy antics you’ll never loose me as a fan

  • doggz

    Can some point out exactly where it stated that the show was supposed to start bang on nine o’ clock??? hmm??

  • Disgruntled Goat

    Still in a rage over it.. even the set they played when they came back on was crap. How MCD can claim the ticket price was justified in what we got..

    Well.. it’s just another case of the Irish getting shit on. This would never have happened in another country.. where they mostly have numerous promotors. MCD have the monopoly so they call the shots.

    They told the band last night, go back on stage, go through the motions.. do whatever you want.. but do enough so that we don’t have to give any refunds. And that’s exactly what we got.. shat on.

    It sums up everything that’s wrong with this country.

    I really hope this isn’t one of these things that goes away in a few days.. it’s not right and people need to take action and stay on the case.. MCD are just as culpable as the band or the idiots that threw the plastic cups. Don’t let them away with it!

  • Oisin T

    Have to agree with disgruntled goats comment above. Its the worst gig ive ever been to, and ive seen westlife! I knew they wouldnt arrive on stage at a punctual time but leaving after 4 songs is a joke. People were throwing PLASTIC cups around, and more around the crowd rather than the stage. Axl went off on a man period from even before the gig, snapping at the person helping him with his earpiece. I was at Rage a few months ago and there was even more cup throwing. The difference was this was a professional band who knew what was expected at a rock gig. A lot of people were saying the crowd acted badly, but being at the gig I think it was lucky a riot didnt start due to the unprofessionalism of Axl and the poor coordination of the MCD staff. Disgraceful gig, and I wouldnt piss on Axl if he ran down the street on fire now

  • mully

    I was delighted to read sillybeggars post. Delighted. Shouldnt be throwing bottles of piss you retards.

  • SJC

    I was at the gig when the doors opened shortly after 6.30 and was only about 5 people back from the front of the stage. I expected them to be late but after 4 hours of standing in the one spot where one guy pissed on the floor in front of me, I thought it better be worth it! The minute he came out on stage and started to perform it was a shambels, I was shocked at how bad he looked (think I was still expecting him to look like he did 15 years ago lol)and he sounded terrible. When the first plastic cup landed in front of him two small splashes got on his jeans and I could see he was raging. I had enough at this this stage and moved to the back of the crowd around the time that he gave the warning. When he waked of the stage security and 02 staff opened all the doors and told everyone to leave and a lot of guards started to arrive (I presume they expected trouble). When the lights came on hundreds of people left but I wanted to stick around to see what would happen. I saw the people from MCD come on stage and make announcements but they could not be heard from the back of the venue. When the band came back on it was clear that Axl didn’t want to be there and it was only to make sure that they didn’t have to give refunds. I went upstairs and sat down it was so bad but I didn’t want to leave as I traveled a long way to get there, booked two days off work, paid for a hotel and so on…I spoke to one of the o2 staff after the show and he said the band were there on time it was only Axl who was late and he had never seen anything like it happen in the o2 before. I also heard someone from the band behind the gates going off about Axl walking off and leaving them all on stage, so he has no respect for his fans or his band.

  • SJC

    OK maybe we were lucky, check out rocket queen/ st louis incident on you tube lol what a diva!!

  • smc

    If someone threw piss up, then yes they are a retard, but that was only a rumour, there was no mention the it really happened.
    Delighted to hear SJC comment on it.

  • Kravver

    U don’t mess with the irish! 😀

  • Anita

    Me and my brother travelled on a mad road trip down from
    Aberdeen Scotland and were a bit late getting there, so
    the late start worked out perfectly for us- We were 5 mins
    in when they came on.
    I was pretty amazed at the crowd reaction. We all know Axl’s
    going to be a bit late and all this expectation for an early
    show is a bit spoilt dont you think (headliners never came on
    before 10-11 in the good old days).
    Axl has always been a bit of a diva, but at the end of it all
    they delivered and the rumours and mixed messages from the crowd
    and organisers was just laughable- Security even tried to put us
    off entering saying the band werent in the building. I spoke to loads
    of people and no one had anything positive to say.

    Have the Irish actually heard of Rock n Roll. I’d rather have a
    chaotic but authentic Axl than Bono anyday. So what if he looks a
    bit like Eddie Izzard (its been 25 years FFS, I’ve grown a few chins too.

    I’d do it all again tommorrow

  • “Have the Irish actually heard of Rock n Roll…”

    Woah, sweeping generalisation there…

  • Puck

    cos we all love U2 aswell…

    and how anyone can talk about this incarnation of G’n’R and authenticity in the same sentence is beyond me… you only have to look at the jackass in the top hat with an UNLIT cigarette hanging out of his mouth to see they’re about as authentic as a Turin shroud beach towel…

  • Anita

    HA- I hoped that sweeping generalisation would have some response. Its OK us Scots have many presumptions made about us too but to find such a humourless crowd at any gig was quite beyond me and I regularly go to gigs in London ffs.

    Everyone there knew what they were paying for- Axl & a band doing GNR catalogue-
    What did you expect exactly ? If anyone thought they were getting GNR in their hayday, more fool them. As far as nostalgia goes I thought it was a great night.
    They only people I felt sorry for was the people who’d brought their kids, they looked really dejected. I’ve taken my son to many many gigs from an early age and
    really all this behaviour from Rose was to be expected, so I would have kept their spirits up and gave them a day off school. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow, take a sicky off work, whatever.

    What we got was authentic Axl- petulant, diva, egotistical, a bit of a pratt- always has been.
    Everyone will remember this gig- for the wrong reasons or not- it was a happening- hilarious from start to finish.

    Advice from a Scots fan- when the shit hits the fan- Laugh, drink whisky, dance your arse off, marvel at Axel’s chin and remind yourself to blast Appetite for Destruction all the way back in the car.

  • I don’t know why you were trying to get that response but it has no place in this discussion. Keep it on topic please.

  • Anita

    Well Patrick- I was using it as an example to highlight the complete lack of humour displayed at the gig and in general in this post so far.
    It was obviously a joke, which I guessed would not be seen as funny (correctly).

    I’ve said my bit (on topic), I’ll leave people to moan and groan if they want to.

    PS Must give a special mention to the 2 young lads stood next to us who stood perfectly still raising their middle fingers at the stage for the last hour- that WAS pretty funny- although I’m not sure entirely effective in any way. Maybe audiences have bigger egos that the stars these days. I blame HEAT magazine.

  • Puck

    Jesus we really do sound humourless…

    In fairness Anita I had no expectations for the gig because I didn’t go myself, and personally I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to go see this band. But I get that some people might just have been looking for a good night out and a bit of nostalgia and that’s fine, to each their own (I realise how condescending that sounds, I don’t mean it like that).

    The gig worked out for you and it didn’t for others, not the end of the world. Mind you if I had been there I might not be able to look at it so objectively.

  • Anita

    @ Puck- Nicely put and not condescending at all. It was a snap minute decision for me, as my brother had a spare ticket and I fancied an adventure. Its probably not the sort of thing I’d pay to see normally in all fairness. So with no expectation at all (I was concerned they’d be crap), I was pleasantly surprised. The gig was good (for what it was)and I certainly got an adventure.

    I hate that concerts are so predictable and safe and boring these days- so in that respect they delivered 100 %- It was a riot (well almost lol)

  • mully


    The two morons with their fingers up for the hour, brilliant. I’d like to say that this gig was attended by the worst bunch of whingers ever. I cant believe the response from them, on and on it goes. Plenty of bands come here and play to sold out venues and leave saying it was the best gig on tour. You only have to check Interpols World tour and see they are playing here three times I think, no where else in Europe gets more than one night but apart from this bunch we have a very healthy, up for it, gig going community.

    Haters gonna hate Anita

  • Anita

    @ Mully- Thanks for defending your beautiful city. I was expecting a great positive atmosphere and something similiar to the crowd reactions we have in
    Scotland (its good to know thats usually the case). It seems the media hype around Axl and his “bad” attitude has again brainwashed people on mass to expect the very worse. The vibe that spread through the venue was just sheep following sheep and every person I spoke to was a moaning, miserable arse.
    If I hadnt spent a rather lovely day following the gig in Dublin I would have certainly left thinking it was full of negative, glum, humourless people.

    Axl and the band did not piss on Dublin- Dublin wee’d down its own leg, shoved it in a bottle and chucked it on the stage.

    I’ve actually gone from being someone who doesn’t care that much about GNR to an uber-fan (well almost)

    So hate me all you want peeps- If you want to waste your energy in that direction- it will just give me something more to laugh at 🙂

  • Scottie

    I’m in a bit of two minds about this. I think it’s quite naive of people to turn up to a GNR show and expect them to follow half hour after the support. History shows this isn’t the case; GNR turning up to play an hour after support finishes is good times in their book and to the guy that said Blink managed to come on half hour after the support and wondered why Guns couldn’t? Well…Blink are a 3 piece and GNR have enough musicians/backings/tech to make a small army. No way will it be ready in the same amount of time. Having said that, it really pisses me off how late their shows get. I love GNR and I remember the excitement of hearning Axls voice again on some of the leaked CD demos before getting the album. I still enjoy CD but I won’t risk going to see them live. I know what they’re like and I don’t want to take the risk. If I did I kinda think i’d forfeit the right to bitch about things you knew would happen. I did see them at Download and saw a striking similarity with the Dublin gig; the amount of people booing, jeering and calling for Slash straight off the bat. It’s like some people go just to wind Axl up because they know it’s easy. Having been in a band I knwo full well how disheartening that could be. Couple that with missiles thrown at the stage and i’m not surprised he walked off. No performers should ever be put at risk because of a few dick heads who think it’s amusing. The fact is, no one knows exactly what was being thrown and their are many incidents of musicians being hurt from these sort of incidents. Surely if we want to blame anyone, blame the twats who ruined the show for either a cheap laugh or a quick vent for their frustratiion. Axl’s a pain, we all know this. If you go to one of his gigs you have to accept to do things his way.

  • SJC

    I love Guns n’ Roses music but I don’t follow everything they do so I had no idea what Axl is like at his shows! They have been around for a long time so are going to have fans that are in there 30’s 40’s 50’s and so on who are over putting up with what went on the other night. I’m not saying it was completely Axl’s fault there was no need for people to throw things up at the stage, but when you have that many people in one place your bound to get a few assholes, but once the show stopped and the house lights went on a lot of people were told to leave by security and for those who stayed the show was crap once he came back on. Axl had no interest in it. Whoever’s fault it all may have been it’s our money gone down the drain. As for the argument of how long it takes to set up for the band, from what i’ve heard that’s not why they were late, everyone was ready to go they were waiting for Axl to arrive.

  • smc

    Just to add to what SJC said. Axl was late arriving to the O2 while the rest of the band were already there. A friend of mine heard that from his cousin, who was working security on the night.

  • Anita

    I’m sorry but I still cant get the mass over-reaction to the event and the Axl bashing especially.

    @ SMC- I’m in my forties, I also suffer from ME/CFS and if I managed to travel from Scotland and endure the concert, I surely have more stamina than the bunch of gobshites that are still moaning about it.

    In my opinion Axl came back and gave a good performance (considering that crowd would be enough to knock anyones confidence for six). He’s still got the voice and when he played piano etc, he put everything into it. He’s not going to be leaping about the stage (he’s nearly 50)and I’ve seen a LOT of older bands who have breaks and mix up slow and fast songs because they ovbviously dont have the stamina they had 20 years ago.
    I still have no idea what people expected. In my long history of concert going 1 hour between the support and main act is nothing and to ask people to stop chucking bottles and booing is perfectly reasonable.

    There is a long history of Axl bashing in the media, sure he does nothing to help himself sometimes, but people need to remember he did not split up GNR, he’s the only person willing to carry it on and take the music to a new generation.
    All this shouting for Slash is pretty disrespectful, it was mainly Slash’s addictions which caused the band to disintegrate first time round and then his whining to everyone in the Media put the knife in Axl for good. I think I saw him on American Idol the other year as a guest tutor. Slash is not a god, he’s just another reformed addict, media whore.

    I think people need to put things in perspective and stop acting like media brain washed sheep. Its time to cut the guy some slack.

  • Anita

    If you want a timing detail we arrived at the O2 just before 10.30 and someone saw Axl go in the building then. They were onstage 5mins later, so when he got there its not like he was fannying about backstage for ages- As soon as he got there he was ready to go on stage.
    I have seen NOWHERE that they were sceduled to go on at 9am. I was fully expecting a 10 or 10.30 start (if you go by what normally happens)

  • Gloria

    The O2 is poorly run and is a dangerous place for audience members and performers as well. The “Security” staff allow rude and dangerous behavior repeatedly and then they and the press chuckle and excuse it as “oh those Irish”. The Cat Stevens Fiasco was nothing more than a staged and planned anti-Muslim protest. The security allowed the booing and heckling like they did on this occasion. Go to a concert in the US- they may search your purse when you enter but they have adequately trained security that prevent problems BEFORE they happen. The O2 hires an angry half-man who is in charge of a swarm of ninny co-eds and they call that security. No wonder they have to call in the Guarda every other show.My advise to any performer, bring your own security entourage-your going to need it if you play in Dublin. Oh and if you buy tickets for the O2, get an extra ticket for your body guard or don’t bother going.

  • chopper

    mully there was no slane concert in 1989 whos the moron now muppet

  • chopper

    That self absorbed fool as you say just got 70 bucks off you, your the one paying to see him. You could have stuck around..but ye went home

    I on the other hand saw them at Slane in 89 and everyone pelted them with cardboard coke cartons, we where obviously a tad more intelligent as we would have expected ANYONE to walk off getting bottles and cans lashed at them.

    Kids today, ejits


    Big Country
    The Grove

    David Bowie
    [edit] 1990s
    After a five year absence, still the longest since the event began in 1981, Slane Concert returned in 1992. The five concerts of the 1990s were headlined respectively by Guns N’ Roses, Neil Young, R.E.M., The Verve and Robbie Williams. The 1995 concert, headlined by R.E.M., was notable for the death of one individual who attempted to swim the nearby River Boyne to reach the concert area. The same concert marked the debut of Oasis on the Slane stage; they returned in 2009 to headline the event. The 1998 event was headlined by The Verve, their last appearance in Ireland until Oxegen 2008; in 1998 the band appeared alongside special guests Manic Street Preachers and also Robbie Williams who would return the following year to headline. Stereophonics played support in 1999 only to return to headline in 2002. The 1990s saw no performances by any members of U2, the only decade thus far in which this has been the case.

  • Mully

    Hey There Chop,

    Did you leave aswell angry boy? idiot

    Thanks for reopening the debate you twat.

  • tom

    you will be waiting a long, long time for that. its more fun for jack ass reporters to cause controversy than to actual write an accurate report (at least one thats not based on a bias against the lead singer which stems from something that happened YEARS ago). it was a good show, would have been great but people threw shit…simple as. he came on stage(40 mins late) he was dancing, had a bit of a tantrum when his in ears weren’t working hence he threw at his stage man. but he was still dancing right up until that 2/3rd bottle struck him. he was going to continue and give a show without a walk off. its not all his fault, if you provoke him…history has told he will react…and he will react exactly how you expect him to by storming off.