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Guns N’ Roses Reading set ends in chaos

Guns N’ Roses lived up to their erratic live reputation at the Reading Festival on Friday night when they arrived on stage an hour late, had their set cut short and then refused to leave the stage. Despite the anger of their own fans the band have since launched an attack on promoter Mitchell Benn, calling him a “cocky… money grabbing prick”.

Writing on Twitter, guitarist DJ Ashba said “apparently the promoter has had a personal grudge with GN’R stemming from eight years ago, if this was the case why book the band? He knows our show. Let me guess… To take our fans money and then not allow us to give them a show that they payed for. This was clearly not a curfew thing because after cutting our power like a selfish money grabbing prick, he allowed music blasting through out the venue till the early morning.”

  • AstonishingSod

    And didn’t their fans become so violent during Neil Hamburger’s warm-up routine that he had to be pulled offstage for his own protection? Classy people indeed.

  • They’ve got a reputation for turning up late, so hardly something new. Leeds Festival nearly lost their license last time GnR played and couldnt manage to get themselves on stage on time, after the festival let them carry on playing way past curfew.

    Axl and co need to stop being so ludicrously self important and cop on, there’s no way the festival was going to risk its license again as they’re too lazy to shift their asses from the back stage area. GnR died the day Slash quit, this glorified karaoke that is the band now should be ignored by fans before all the good memories are tarnished.

    Besides, if the band genuinely thought the promoter had an issue with them they wouldn’t have played in the first place, it’s not like they’re short of arenas to go headline on their own. Talking shite if you ask me.

  • Just occurred to me that I assumed a bit of knowledge above that might not be common music fan knowledge here in Ireland – Reading and Leeds are essentially the same festival, rotating line up over the weekend and run by the same promoter, hence the Leeds comment.

  • Chris

    Melvin Benn?