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Hard Working Class Heroes bands 2009 announced

Hard Working Class Heroes has announced its 99 band line-up for this year and it’s a really strong lineup of Irish bands we think. The festival headliners will be announced very soon along with details of the Photographic Exhibition and the Seminars and Mentor Sessions.

The festival itself takes place over the weekend of Friday 16 / Saturday 17 / Sunday 18 October at the following Dublin venues – Andrew’s Lane Theatre, The Button Factory, Academy 2, Eamon Dorans, Think Tank and Twisted Pepper. Weekend tickets are €40, with day passes €18.50.

Full list:
A Plastic Rose
Adebisi Shank
Airstrip One
Albert Penguin
Ali & the DTs
Alright Chief
Armoured Bear
Autumn Owls
Biggles Flys Again
Black Robots
Blood Bottler
Briana Corrigan
Carpool Conversation
Cheap Freaks
City of Angels
Dark Room Notes
Deaf Animal Orchestra
Deaf Joe
Disconnect 4
Doug Sheridan
Escape Act
Exit the Street
Fiona Melady
Funeral Suits
Go Panda Go
Gran Casino
Ham Sandwich
Hassle Merchants
Heritage Centre
Here Comes The Landed Gentry
Hired Hands
I Love Monster Hero
Ian Whitty And The Exchange
Identity Parade
Killer Chloe
Kill Krinkle Club
Land Lovers
Liz Is Evil
Mail Order Messiahs
Miracle Bell
More Tiny Giants
Not Squares
O Emperor
Oliver Cole
Only Fumes & Corpses
Pearse McGloughlin
Planet Parade
Pocket Promise
Rory Grubb
Sergeant Megaphone
Sounds of System Breakdown
Super Extra Bonus Party
Sweet Jane
Talulah Does The Hula
The Ambience Affair
The Angel Pier
The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
The Brothers Movement
The Dead Flags
The Dying Seconds
The Holy Roman Army
The Kinetiks
The Poormouth
The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock
The Star Department
The Vals
Theme Tune Boy
Tidal District
Tiny Magnetic Pets
Ultan Conlon
Valerie Francis
Verona Riots
Vox Populi
We Cut Corners
Yes Cadets

  • Deadly lineup! Looking forward to Verona Riots, Funeral Suits, Neosupervital. Fair play to all involved.

  • Hil

    A bit confused – loads of these bands played at it two years ago. Isn’t it meant to be a showcase for emerging artists?

  • Hil – It serves as both that and for bands who want to make connections with people who visit for the festival – industry types and what not. It’s always worthwhile for Irish bands to do this from past experience in my opinion.

  • tim

    then what was the point in having a chart on the breaking tunes website if only a handful of bands were going to make it through… as i can see it only six bands in the top 20 got picked and not even the top six…very confusing, but so is much about the irish music industry… if ever it was a case of who you know rather than what ye know this might just be it.

  • Tim, the charts are there for anybody industry or otherwise to see what’s popular on the site. It would be pointless to pick bands based on these charts – bands get their friends to visit their pages to artifically inflate their popularity – it’s not a true reflection of who deserves to play HWCH.

    Judges taken from various parts of the music industry selected artists from the breaking tunes site who had entered.

    You sound like a bitter band member!

  • I seriously hope The Script are announced as the headliners! But yes the line-up reflects the burgeoning of the local scene in the last two years in particular. Strongest one yet.

  • james

    hey, the line up looks great, alot of interesting acts in there. fair play.

  • Rich

    This Festival serves a good purpose for Upand Coming bands to showcase their Music.. The thinking behind HWCH us so that Industry heads from Worldwide can come and see Irish talent. Kid of based on the CMJ or In the City Festivals.. Some of the bands have played every year for the past few years.. There is nothing wrong with this.. it just goes to show that they just havent made it or…given up!

    Now, in saying all this…. i dont think this Festival serves its purpose.. I have never heard of a band being signed from this Festival or creating interest.. most of the AnR people who come over are over for a piss up and dont really have the resources or the pull to sign anyone.. Angela Dorgan needs to be mentioned…. She is basically the person who is behind this alongside Brian Carrol.. i dont know how i feel about her. She takes an Irish contingent over to SXSW and CMJ… I think its unfair that she gets to decide whoe plays or goes to these festivals acts..

    In short its the Angela Dorgans of this world who dont try and developeor progress bands and its because of her that the line up is the same pretty much every year… In short.. She’s a Geeebag!

  • Rich, that is a downright short-sighted and insulting comment, the very kind we are trying to avoid here.

    You obviously have no clue how HWCH is run at all, nor did you bother to read my comment above @5

    “Judges taken from various parts of the music industry selected artists from the breaking tunes site who had entered.”

    Angela Dorgan herself DOES NOT PICK THE ARTISTS. The judging panel is international and different every year.

    And if you think its Angela Dorgan who doesn’t help bands to progress you could be easily called clueless. There’s very few other resources in Ireland for the kind of advice and help that Angela and FMC offer bands.

    It’s also not her fault that bands she offers advice to don’t progress. There are more terrible bands than good ones.

    If bands get picked again and again it’s because they applied to play the festival. Any of the ones who don’t merely aren’t good enough or need some work to be a better band.

    Rich, if you’re in a band or otherwise perhaps you’d like to declare your interest now lest you come across as another sour-faced member of a band who didn’t get selected.

  • Ray

    AAAhh!! Fuckin Doran’s!
    Should have known
    Just when I think I’m out they pull me back in..

  • Is Doran’s not closed down? Although I haven’t been past in a while – anyone?

  • carol

    check out these bands…..

    …..all brill music !!!
    i’ll be going to see all of them if they’re not clashing !

  • Manfred

    I’m confused. Ollie Cole is on at a quarter past seven in the button factory on Saturday but I can’t collect my ticket till half seven ??? Why is the button factory starting before everywhere else every night?