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Hard Working Class Heroes Irish bands announced


Hard Working Class Heroes have announced the 80+ Irish bands who have been selected to play this year’s festival in Temple Bar, Dublin on 12/13/14 September (tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster and usual outlets). The Festival headliners will be announced very soon along with details of the Scottish Invasion, the Photographic Exhibition and the Seminars and Mentor Sessions.

202’s / 79Cortinaz / A Lazarus Soul / The Aftermath / Alphamono / The Ambience Affair / Angel Pier / Armoured Bear / Mark Austin / Autamata / Bats / The Beat Poets / Bravado / The Brothers Movement / The Cades / Carly Sings / Nick Carswell & The Elective Orchestra / Caruso / Chequerboard / Cian / Class Of 1984 / Ollie Cole / Crayonsmith / Cutaways / The Dagger Lees / Deaf Animal Orchestra / Distractors / Dolbro Dan / Dublin Duck Dispensary / Exit: Pursued By A Bear / Fiach / Fighting With Wire / Valerie Francis / Fred / Gorbachov / Grand Pocket Orchestra / Groom / Halves / Headgear / Heartbreak Cartel / The Holy Roman Army / Hooray for Humans / The Hot Sprockets / Hybrasil / Kill Krinkle Club / The Kinetiks / The Last Tycoons / Le Galaxie / Lines Drawing Circles / Little Xs For Eyes / Mackerel The Cat / Tom McShane / Fiona Melady / The Minutes / Walter Mitty & The Realists / More Tiny Giants / My Brother Woody / Nakatomi Plaza / New Amusement / Noise Control / Not Men But Giants / One Day International / The Followers of Otis / Panama Kings / The Parks / Pilotlight / Pocket Promise / The Rags / The Revellions / Robotnik / John Shelly and the Creatures / Sickboy / Sideproject / So Cow / Sounds of System Breakdown / Sparks Fly / The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock / Super Extra Bonus Party / Supermodel Twins / Sweet Jane / Tidal District / Tiger Empire / David Turpin / The Vinny Club / Vodkopter / Youre Only Massive


  • Didn’t alot of those bands play last year?
    I thought it was to showcase new Irish music not the same thing every year.

  • hey!
    You’re Only Massive are playing. Ha.

  • istink

    i hear FRIGHTENED RABBIT are part of the scottish invasion ! worth the ticket price just for them. says they’re playing the sunday on their myspace. anybody know which venue ?

  • [quote post=”2026″]Didn’t alot of those bands play last year?
    I thought it was to showcase new Irish music not the same thing every year.[/quote]

    Some of them played last year. A lot of them did not.

    No word on where Frightened Rabbit are playing yet.

  • I thought You’re Only Massive broke up.

  • You’re Only Massive will continue with just Maebh as far as I know.

  • more fun to be had here

  • istink

    now i hear frightened rabbit are headlining saturday at andrew’s lane theatre. still says sunday on their myspace. any word on who the other scottish bands are ?

  • John

    I am guessing Glasvegas will play since they canceled their crawdaddy gig last year. Yes some I expected really… some not to be honest. I think too many good bands applied and lots just did not get in is my guess. I expected Sub plots, Murder of crows, Adebisi Shank, Waiting Room or Heritage Centre on the bill. If they did indeed apply I am a little disgusted they did not get on the bill and I am starting to wonder how bands are selected!

    More Tiny Giants
    Kill Krinkle Club
    Vinny Club
    are all on my “to see” list.

    What actually really annoys me is that they call it hard working class heroes. ALOT of thoses bands gig rarely or out side dublin, never released anything funded out of their own pockets and still get on the bill!? Not very hard working class if you ask me!

    *cough* The Brothers Movement – indie trash *cough*

  • deeeeeeaaaaa

    don’t think waiting room are still going. sick of seeing most of those bands play although there are some good ones there this year even if the ones i want to see all have played in the past and have been playing this festival multiple times.
    i think the trick is not to take is seriously and just have fun for the weekend. just stay away from all the tripe.
    i’d imagine subplots didn’t apply (though i don’t care as i’m going to see them in whelans on the 14th(?) ). otherwise,them not playing it is totally fecked up. saw them playing it as envelope twice and they got good slots then.
    this should be a one day thing at most. not enough quality to cover 3 nights on multiple venues.
    What do sweet jane and the bro’s movement have in common? Answer: They’re both absolute muck.

  • Lucy Jackson

    what’s more boring than the same bands every year – is to listen to people knock the festival and its line-up every year. As far as I’m concerned all the bands are doing a hell of a lot of work to get selected – and I’m sure it’s a difficult selection process, quit moaning and support a great festival

  • grant

    same bands?

    ive only heard of about 3 of those bands.

  • meh. HWCH and its line-up always generates controversy.. Yeah it could be a lot better – they could get mostly bands that haven’t played before – but, if the quality isn’t out there, then they’ve no choice but to pick bands that have been at it before.
    as for the gigging rarely crack from John above – not much point playing to nobody every week is there? i’m in a band and we would only play every 6-8 weeks so as people won’t get sick of us.. also, a lot of those bands finance all their own recording/rehearsing/releasing – i’d be surprised if more than 3 out of that list had that kind of thing paid for by someone else…
    and deeeeeeeaaaaa, the whole point of it being 3 days and multiple venues is that it takes over the city and practically forces people to go and see at least one unsigned irish act – rather than everyone getting all wet’n’wild about foreign bands that really aren’t all that good just because they’re foreign/whatever mag/site you read said they’re good (my site is as guilty as anyone else on this one).. There’s at least 5 acts there that are good enough to be world class, and who would be signed and making hay by now if they weren’t Irish.. for whatever reason, the really freakin good Irish acts never get a break, and yet Director/The Blizzards/The Script do.. nonsense… [/rant]

  • BrianB

    [quote comment=”4112″]I expected Sub plots, Murder of crows, Adebisi Shank, Waiting Room or Heritage Centre on the bill. If they did indeed apply I am a little disgusted they did not get on the bill and I am starting to wonder how bands are selected!quote]

    You make some good points,definitely the bands you listed are at the forefront of the best music coming out of Ireland and I too am surprised that they arent on the billing. Speaking just from what I know as a Corkman, Waiting Room are not playing it as the band recently went their seperate ways following the pro-longed release of Battle Lines Are Gently Drawn (one of my fav Irish albums in recent years)Im sure Nigel will get something new going soon though no doubt.

    Ive seen Adebisi and Subplots down here on multiple occassions and can only assume that they didnt apply for a slot, probably for reasons only known to themselves. Maybe Subplots felt like theyd done it already so there was no point in doing it again!?

    Judging from the bands you like though you might fancy checking out an emerging band from down here called Sideproject. The lads have played with Subplots (filling in for Waiting Room/Ponomica at the last minute for the Beamish Festival last year) and Murder of Crows as far as I know and are good buds with the Waiting Room gang, Ross the engineer behind the Waiting Room and Hooray for Humans albums has recorded their two EPs so you can kind of gather what sound to expect.

    Their track Outpatients is up on, think its hovering in the top 20 at the mo. They are also at;

    Other bands Im looking forward to seeing include:

    H4H, Crayonsmith, So Cow, Vinny Club, BATS

  • You’re Only Massive will not be able to play at this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes.
    Not because of any cessation of You’re Only Massive (still here, still here, after all these years).
    You’re Only Massive has a prior committment to presenting Disco-nnect at Conflux Festival in New York on this weekend.

    You’re Only Massive Dublin playdate:
    Dot-Dash album launch, Project Arts Centre, Friday 15th August. No guestlist in attempt to keep price as low as possible. 12 euros admission including copy of silver 12″ vinyl. Early show, doors at 8pm, music at 8.30pm sharp.

    That’s this Friday, yes yes yes boy oh boy.
    You’re Only Massive are for the seeds:

  • You’re Only Massive are for the seeds:

  • ciara

    i personally cannot wait for sweet jane at hwch
    so i dunno what the hell deeeaaaaaa is banging on about

    theyre the best live band ive seen for a long long time

  • Greenbean

    I think a lot of people are pretty surprised that Subplots aren’t playing.
    I’m guessing they didn’t apply, because it would be kind of crazy for them not to get in if they did. Heard their EP launch was great on in Whelans on Thursday, gutted I couldn’t make it.

  • Hey there,

    More Tiny Giants’ entire EP ‘Wolves at the Door’ is now free to download at

    FREE! check it out

    At HWCH on: Sunday 14th Sept, in The Hub, @ 10pm