by / September 22nd, 2011 /

Hard Working Class Heroes & The City Details

This year’s HWCH festival is two weeks away and, as with last two years, will be hosting a number of daytime shows in city centre bookshops, cafes and alternative venues. All gigs are free and all-ages. Details so far are limited to bands and venues, with no times and dates as of yet, but you can keep up with matters on HWCH’s Twitter feed.


Amidships, Autumn Owls, Bats, Beyond Olden Acre, Boy Lights Fire, Carried By Waves, Cars Love Girls, Cat Dowling, Cfit, Charles Hurts, Clubfoot, Conor Walsh, Eleventyfour, Empty Trees, Grand Pocket Orchestra, House of Dolls, Howlin’Dowlin, Junior 85, Kid Karate, More Than Conquerors, Owensie, Pearse McGloughlin, Red Queen Contest, Ross Breen, Seeping Into Cinemas, Sleep Thieves, Spies, Superblondes, Tenaka, The Debutantes, The Depravations, The Dirty 9s, The Dying Seconds, The Followers Of Otis, The Gorgeous Colours, The Violet Roadkills, Tieranniesaur, Time, The Revolator, Toby Kaar, Water Cycle Windings, Yeh Deadlies, Youth Mass


3FE, Aungier Street DIT, Bolton St DIT, Chapters Bookshop, Crackbird , Design Mart, Cows Lane, Dublin Ink, Konfusion, Mooz Milkshakes, Oxfam – Parliment St, Oxfam – Sth Great Georges St, Oxfam – Sth King St, Pacino’s, Shebeen Chic,Simon’s Place, The Bald Barista, Harcourt St, The Budda Bag, The Gutter Bookshop, The R.A.G.E., The Science Gallery Cafe, Tower Records, The Pav, Trinity, Twisted Pepper – The Loft

The full festival schedule is live on the site now including all the details for the HWCH Convention, with band speed sessions, industry panels and band tip sessions.