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Hear that Susan Boyle cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’

Listen carefully and you can hear the global wailing and gnashing of teeth from Depeche Mode fans. The moody Mode classic ‘Enjoy the Silence’ is the latest song to have its heartstrings plucked out with an over-egged faux-Broadway musical makeover from SuBo, using the template of Tori Amos’s solo piano version and bleaching it of all its menace. OK, the world would probably be a better place without this, but it’s not as hideous as versions by so-callled ‘real’ bands like Keane, HIM, Lacuna Coil, No Use For A Name and so on.

Enjoy the silence is on SuBo’s third album, out next month. Someone To Watch Over Me also has a cover of ‘Mad World’ – bad news for Tears For Fears who are still reeling over the version by Gary Jules.


    OH PLEASE….quit the dramatics you sound like you would prefer her to be murdered.What kind of an attitude is tha??
    Ive heard MANY DM fans , actually speak out IN SUPPORT of this. To the point of realllllly loving it . Dont you recognize musical art when you hear it ? PROFESSIONAL music and studio experts all over have been commenting on the sheer complexity of the piece itself and YOU dont even seem to recognize nor RESPECT the kind of VOCAL skill that it takes to effect that kind of “dreamlike” echoey,”haunting sound.
    Few voices can achieve this because it takes a person with PERFECT PITCH to sound “off kilter”.
    You clued right out to the PINK FLOYD influences in it . Listen again and you’ll eventually recognize the “FLOYD” style which is CHILLING music, not bopping around stuff.
    This is a masterpiece , which took an enormous amount of skill , Vision and team work and Susans unbelievable vocal skills . It was NEVER meant to sound anything like the ORIGINAL as that has its own place in honor -but you come across with a few profane, glib, cruel , terse words like some kind of an arrogant big shot whom wants to sound cool to all his buds. Total immaturity. A TRUE studio professional in the industry , would NEVER talk like that and this IS getting alot of praise from INDUSTRY experts whom know what it took to ACHIEVE it . HAVE SOME RESPET fo rTHEM please .
    You DONT sound cool to me but incredibly arrogant whom has never once actually LISTENED to the LYRICS he is bludgeoning some little Scottish woman over for SINGING to the world.
    Matter of fact , I dont believe one single DM fan whom has an arrogant attitude like you , even LISTENS to the LYRICS , nor even CARES about them.

  • Chris

    LIBERTIES2DAY, With respect..why does it sound as though echo and reverb special effects were ADDED? If I follow your line of reasoning, Susan is creating this effect? Just to be clear, I really do appreciate her vocal talent, particularly her tone. But this song sounds to me as if reverb/echo was added in the studio.

  • ellie

    It’s actually not the Tori Amos version she’s covering, but rather a note-for-note copy of the vocals of Susanna & the Magical Orchestra. Check it out on utube at


    Shamefully karaoke.

  • Chris

    Ellie, Goodness. Note for note? You may want to clean out your ears. The only similarity is the whispery haunty sound of the singers at times and some of the arrangement. These are 2 distinct covers. I do appreciate that the Susanna & the Magical Orchestra allows the focus to be on the vocalist.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please!!! Susanna & The Magical Orchestra is the most boring cover of this song. It’s so predictable that most of people never listen to the whole track. As a Depeche Mode fan, It’s difficult for me to understand why someone else want to cover this song. For me, DM’s version is perfect as it is but I have to accept that Susan Boyle’s cover is stunning, very different and at the same time it sounds that she totally understood the meaning of the song. She definitely won my respect with her job here. Actually, she managed to make me start humming the song again as I used to do all the time in the 90’s.

  • Susanna should be so lucky as to sound half as good as Susan Boyle does.

  • The viciousness with which many Depeche Mode fans have attacked Susan Boyle for singing ‘their’ song about how much words can hurt has been stunning – and the irony lost on them entirely.

  • Karen

    Her ability to sound slightly, just ever so slightly off key and then slide into the proper note takes an enormous amount of skill and control. It adds depth to the feeling of the song. Not everyone is going to like it, but an awful lot do, and I think her talent is amazing.

  • Guest

    This particular review is a perfect example of why I don’t listen to critics.

  • All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is to never hear this overrated singer’s cover of one of my all time favorite songs again.

  • A6021575

    Well, Chris, YOU may want to have a look at the sheet music. The vocal arrangement and styling were created by Susanna & the MO and lifted nearly verbatim by Syco’s chop shop, with a different backing arrangement added. That is a matter of FACT, not OPINION, and that’s the definition of a karaoke or tribute-act cover. In fact, this is exactly what American Idol contestants are warned NOT to do.

  • Guest

    Try, if you will, to open your mind as well as your ears. Music is universal and not the exclusive property of cynical Depeche Mode fans. Susan’s cover is a compliment to the band, not an insult to the fans.

  • DarrDJylsperry

    What ever it is what it is?? There are so many other bands that remade there music that sounds terrible

  • – That’s how this song would be performed by Depeche Mode Alan Walder has not changed the creative process by Martin Gore. Martin originally wanted it to be a ballad. –