by / March 11th, 2010 /

Heathers chosen for Irish tourism campaign

Heathers have had ‘Remember When’ picked up for the new Discover Ireland ad campaign. We’ve been big fans of the Ellie and Louise for two years now so delighted for them.

Heathers have re-released their album Here, Not There with new artwork and you can buy it from their new site. The girls are currently writing material for a new album which they hope to record in 2010.

Here’s the song, which in State’s opinion, is one of the best Irish songs of the last five years.

  • I do love that track, and the exposure of the tourism ad can only do big things for them. I know it’s early to be saying it, but this could mark a breakthrough for the girls? Either way, I’m delighted for them, they’ve got great voices.

  • I’ve seen the ad a couple of times on TV, and I do love the song, but I don’t think it works. I’m not feeling it anyway – maybe it’s just the way it’s mixed, but it doesn’t have the same sort of pop as that Angels of Mons song did.

  • Richey Ryan

    As far as I am aware the original print and the re-release of the Heathers album are both called “Here, Not There”.

  • You’re right, Richey. Now fixed…