by / December 20th, 2010 /

Help Santa bring guitars to local kids tonight

Tonight sees a special fundraising show in Dublin’s Crawdaddy in aid of St Vincent de Paul, but with a musical twist. Organised by Hamlet Sweeney, as he writes on his blog, “this gig will raise funds to buy musical instruments for kids who’d love one for Christmas, but whose families can’t afford Santa year. This one small gig won’t change the world, but it’ll make an extremely direct difference to some local kids. Any musician will tell you that playing music when you’re young means a lot, and it’s a great help through tough times. Kids don’t have a sense of recessions or tiger economies, they just feel what their families and the wider communities around them feel. So when everyone is struggling, so are they. Few things are as rewarding as playing music (ok, as a musician I’m biased!), it can help with self esteem and putting the worries of the world away for a while. And you get to dream of being a rockstar.”

The line up features Hamlet himself, Sweet Jane, Adela & The Meanits, Gavin Glass, Brian Brody and DJ sets from the King & Queen of vinylism Ady & Angie. Tickets are a minimum €5 donation and you can also donate through Paypall. Full details here.