by / May 10th, 2016 /

Hot Cops set for Bello Bar show on Friday

Hot Cops, an exuberant trio from Belfast, instantly transport you to the moment when you fell in love with music. Having developed a sound and style that is incredibly mature at this early stage in their trajectory, their songs stand strong amongst their influences, Pavement and Deerhunter.

They released their addictive 7” single, ’Passive Passive / Scared of Everything’, back in February and it has been met with national praise. Not surprising, really, it is an aural treat to be enjoyed in any setting, particularly of the live variety.

This Friday, along with support from the Simon Bird, the Belfast wonders will be playing one of their biggest headlining shows in Dublin’s intimate Bello Bar, a superb venue to experience the inexhaustible energy of a band like Hot Cops. Do not pass up an opportunity to see Hot Cops live, you will instantly regret it.

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