by / October 22nd, 2008 /

Human League withdraw from Steel City show

Following its move from IMMA to Tripod and the loss of My Morning Jacket, the Some Days Never End weekend has taken another blow with the withdrawal of the Human League from the Steel City gig on Sunday night.

The blame is being placed on our old friend ‘technical reasons’. Heaven 17 and the mighty ABC are still making the trip though and ticket prices have been cut by €20 to €24.50. Refunds on the balance available on the door or fully through point of purchase.

  • Human League have technical probelms but Heaven Seventeen and ABC do not? Come on treat us like adults! You are fooling no one Phil.

  • Gerard, that’s the official line from the promoters. Just relaying the news.

  • Gwen Baker

    A shame Phil Oakey wont be there, but I will still be going

  • Paul P – Newry

    So what if the human league have thrown a hissy fit. ABC are much more contemporary and will take up the slack. it will probably be a better gig without Oakey and his gloomy female sidekicks. I can’t wait

  • I’ve just twigged that the Phil referred to in the first post might possibly have been a different, singing one. Forgive my me! me! me! attitude. Agree on the ABC point, but what about Heaven 17?

  • Mr T

    The human league girls have probably had another big fight with Heaven 17 again, just like in the old days. lol

    Anyone with tickets to the steel city tour should be worried, Martin Fry must be doing his nut

  • Don’t you want me, baby?