• John

    More Tiny Giants, Hooray for Humans, So Cow, Autamata and SOTTL on at the same time! Lame! And putting New Amusement/Pilotlight on that early is ridiculous really. Who made this line up? ah FLAPES weasel their way onto the line up as a surprise late addition…. Personally I think it’s a HWCH slot wasted that should have been given up to some new up coming band and not a band headlining Whelans in 3 weeks time. Excellent band but they don’t need this at all, they headlined last year. Amazing how far they have come on really from the free Manky Mondays in the Mezz to Stadium tours with We are Scientist. Quite funny!

    Excited about: Lines Drawing Circles, Kill Krinkle Club, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Vinny Club, The Parks, Frightened Rabbit, More Tiny Giants.

  • danielle

    sweet jane supporting sons and daighters…NICE ONE.

  • jake

    Frightened Rabbit. weekend highlight for sure.