by / March 29th, 2010 /

IMRO/MCPSI and YouTube sign a licensing deal

IMRO/MCPSI have signed a license agreement with YouTube that will benefit Irish composers and songwriters when their music is played on the online video platform. The licence covers the period until the end of 2012.

Victor Finn, Chief Executive IMRO, has this to say, ‘In the digital sphere where there have been few boundaries in the widespread distribution of music content in recent years the essential role that music creators provide in the value chain together with their underlying rights are important factors that have been very often overlooked and undervalued. IMRO/MCPSI is pleased to have signed this agreement with YouTube as it ensures that music creators rights are protected and that end users will continue to have access to the plethora of music content available on the YouTube service here in Ireland. We are happy to work in partnership with YouTube to ensure that the music creators that we represent continue to benefit from this successful online service’.

Donagh O’Malley of YouTube said: “We’ve been working hard to forge relationships that allow YouTube users to enjoy their favourite songs and discover new music on the site. We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with IMRO/MCPSI to help their members earn revenue and to enable new musical talents to emerge”.

There are many fine Irish videos to choose from, here’s just one of them.